‘Pokemon 2018’ Anime Film Releases First Poster

It’s been a busy year for Pokemon. Between video game releases and an on-going anime series, the Pokemon Company has lots to do. Now, a brand-new anime film is in the works, and its first poster is out.As you can see below, Pokemon 2018 has already got a poster ready for fans. The film, which shared its first teaser this week, appears to follow-up the franchise’s latest anime movie. Pokemon: I Choose You debuted earlier this year to celebrate the franchise’s 20th birthday, and Pokemon 2018 looks like it will take place in that same timeline.

Sadly, the next film’s poster gives fans little insight into what it will cover. The image shows Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as the pair walk against a white background. The trainer can be seen wearing cropped pants and his iconic red-and-white hat. To the left, a girl can be seen standing with a PokeBall in her hand. The girl appeared briefly in the film’s teaser trailer and she seems to have been made for Pokemon 2018 specifically.

'Pokemon 2018' Anime Film Releases First Poster
‘Pokemon 2018’ Anime Film Releases First Poster
(Photo: OLM / Wit Studio )

The poster does give fans a tagline for Pokemon 2018. The Japanese slogan is translated into English as “Without you, the adventure can’t begin.”

Little is known about the anime feature right now, but a few details were made known in the teaser. The film will be released on July 13, 2018 in Japan and seems to follow up the franchise’s latest movie release. The film is also a rather unique one thanks to its animation partnership. OLM will oversee the film as usual, but the production team will work alongside Wit Studio on the upcoming feature. The animation studio is best-known for works like Attack on Titan, so you can just imagine what this new movie will look like.


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