Pornhub Had 50% Traffic Increase From Hawaiian Users In The Minutes After The False Missile Alert


Hawaii’s false alarm missile threat caused an almost unbearable amount of tension for residents – so much so that it sent some of them searching for relief in a rather risque place: a porn site.

Porn website Pornhub has revealed it saw a huge spike in traffic in the minutes after it was revealed the incoming ballistic missile warning had been a false alarm – with views in Hawaii coming in at nearly 50 % more than usual.

Unsurprisingly, this leap in numbers followed a dramatic decline, which took place after residents received the first text alert at 8.07am on Saturday 13 January, warning them that a ballistic missile was heading their way.

At this point, pageviews plummeted as people sought shelter from what they thought a severe threat to their lives, with traffic reaching 77 % lower then usual during the 20 minutes after the warning went out.

At 8.23am exactly the website experienced its lowest numbers, with views beginning to climb up into normal range once again after 8.45am, when residents were told that the warning had in fact been a false alarm.

But far from just returning to normal, Pornhub’s statisticians were fascinated to learn that the site’s numbers then soared in quite the opposite direction, shooting up above average and ranging at a peak 48% increase in its average Saturday morning numbers.

The all-time high came at 9.01am exactly, just 15 minutes after the second message was sent out – no doubt having given people time to return to their homes (and, apparently, their computers) after seeking shelter.


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