How to predict how some anime characters will look like after 12 years according to 2chan

Sometimes, long-running anime like Pokemon and One Piece would feature several changes in their artworks as they move on through all the years of being loved by fans. With Youkai Watch looking like it might just last more than 10 years because of its immense popularity (it is considered the most popular anime in Japan right now), Japanese internet forum, 2Chan, offered their take on how its main youkai, Jibanyan, may look like after 12 years.


The comparison image was posted in the forum, and featured several well known anime creatures, like Pikachu and Tony Tony Chopper, from their original character design to their present character design. There is a 12-year gap presented in each one and shows how Jibanyan may look like in 2025


Well, Pikachu, Hamtaro, and Chopper have all slimmed down in 12 years, as compared to their plumper original designs, and if Youkai Watch does run longer and would reach 2025, expect Jibanyan to be a lot slimmer than he is now.


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