'Psycho-Pass' is Getting an All-New Anime Sequel Confirmed For 2019

‘Psycho-Pass’ film trilogy to hit the big screen from early 2019

Three animated feature films from the “Psycho-Pass” franchise will be released back to back from January 2019.

The original TV series premiered in 2012. The story is set in the near future when technology can quantify people’s state of mind and the probability of crimes being committed can be measured.

The series spawned a second season, in addition to manga, novel and video game adaptations.

In 2015, an all-new episode was released as a feature film and became a huge hit.

The film trilogy was announced during the “Plus Ultra” Fuji TV anime lineup presentation on March 8.

Subtitled “Sinners of the System,” the new trilogy will feature five main characters. The first film, “Case. 1: Tsumi to Batsu” (Crime and punishment), will focus on Mika Shimotsuki and Nobuchika Ginoza. The second film, “Case. 2: First Guardian,” will feature Teppei Sugo and Tomonori Masaoka. The third film, “Case. 3: Onshu no Kanata ni” (Beyond the vengeance), will be themed on Shinya Kogami.

Series director Naoyoshi Shiotani reprises his role for the new trilogy.

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