Recommend Me Manga: 15 Mecha Manga That Haven’t Been Animated (Yet)

We don’t do manga series in our recommendations here, just anime. However, that doesn’t mean that anime fans don’t want to lie in bed and read a few good chapters quietly before bed. Instead of branching out into manga recommendations, we’re going to give you a few good ones that you can look into. So if you want to read some good mecha manga or are just some sort of anime hipster that wants to be all “I read the manga before it was cool and animated,” then check out these mecha manga recommendations below.

Mobile Suit Gundam F90

Renegade Zeon members steal a newly developed mobile suit in its testing phase, the Gundam F90 with phantom-like abilities. The Federation gives hasty pursuit for to those that are about to being a huge assault.

(There are a lot of good Gundam manga that haven’t been animated. This one, however, leads to Cross Bones, which is the best one.)

Verdant Lord

Fighting back against humanity, the Earth has been overrun by vines and foliage, as well as large wooden mech creatures. Although Souma Shin was looking for his twin brother, he finds himself in the middle of an apocalypse.


After being betrayed by his own men, Captain Graham Mills is held responsible for a conspiracy. After being sentenced to death, he escapes and finds himself under constant pursuit.

12 Beast

Eita Touga is a ninja apprentice that has set forth to find his missing brother. However, along the way he finds himself entangled in conflict between the humanoid Autana and the Gigas that seek to destroy them.

Cannon God Exaxxion

Hoichi Kano is the grandson of a famous inventor. However, he discovers that the great Elevator Ship designed to transport people between Earth and the home world of the mysterious Riofaldian people is just a ploy for them to invade. Now, working with his friends, it is up to him to stop them.


After a new power rose after the war, those who had their bodies altered with modifications were given a new outlet called mechanical boxing. One such fighter, Levius, enters the scene under his uncle’s tutelage.

Deus Ex Machina

Clockworkers were created to serve as weapons of war. However, while the war is over, many clockworkers have gone rogue and hurt innocent people. Machina and her clockworker partner Deus are tasked with hunting them down.

Front Mission: Dog Life & Dog Style

On Huffman Island, the land is split between two major world powers – The United States of the New Continent and The Oceania Cooperative Union. While they have been in a cease-fire for 20 years, tensions are ramping up. For Matsuda Akira, he is dispatched as part of an on-site reporting team, but are they really ready for the true horrors of war.

Valkyrja Engine

In order to battle the AUS, mysterious invaders that came a half century ago, children now enroll in military school to learn to pilots weapons called Valkyrja Engines. One such student named Reiji is also blessed with an ability to break any gun he touches.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

On an Earth conquered by aliens, Hazuki Shinobu faces ridicule due to the fact that he was raised by a robot. However, his boring life is soon to change.


After seeking a new world to live in, a rebellion broke out between old Earth and the group seeking a new world. However, while searching, they also decided to launch a full offense. Their weapon of choice? Assault girls, robots that look like school girls.

Cicatrice of the Sirius

After his sister sells her brain to a corporation, Takeru is desperate to save her cybernetic body from a gladiator dog fight spectacle. However, he soon discovers that she is embedded with a self destruct. He must decide if he returns her to the dog fights or can find another way to save her in one week before she dies.

Orichalcum Reycal

Sakugi Mitsuaki is a poor college student that has a figure modelling addiction. After helping one of his classmates, he is given some special putty. However, the figure he makes from it comes to life that wants to fulfill the wish of their creator.

Buster Dress

In the 22nd century, humanity founded a colony known as Second Earth. After a mysterious terror attack, a unit is founded to investigate. Part of this unit is Buster Dress, an intelligent AI that may be the key to solving the mystery.

Eleven Soul

In the near future, gene technology is now big business, so much so that the immortality gene is no longer a pipe dream. However, when this gene was accidentally mixed with some biohazard, it created a new life form that waged war on humanity. With North and South America falling quickly, Japan is now fitting special samurai with exoskelatal suits to fight them.

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