Revival Of The Saiyan Race In Dragon Ball Super

Revival Of The Saiyan Race In Dragon Ball Super

The Saiyan race is often called the strongest race in the Dragon Ball Super universe. They’re a warrior race, who get stronger as they fight and getting hurt just makes them even stronger. That’s the power they possess. At one time, it was believed that Saiyans always surpass their limits, and by the end of Super, it was changed to ‘A Saiyan has no limits’.

That just points out to me that these Saiyans will continue to play an important role as the series continues, and I’m not just talking about Universe 7‘s Saiyans. I’m talking about Universe 6 as well. It certainly does look like we’ll see more Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super, thanks to the teaser for the movie. The guy that Goku is fighting is indeed a Saiyan, and it looks like he’s very strong as well. You can just tell from his looks.

Revival Of The Saiyan Race In Dragon Ball Super

But where is this Saiyan from? Universe 7? Doesn’t look like a Universe 7 Saiyan to me. Universe 6 may be possible, but if they had someone as strong as him, he would be in the Tournament of Power. The only thing that I can think of is another Saiyan race, from another Universe. I know this may sound crazy to you, but hear me out. In Dragon Ball Super, we had a total of 12 Universes.

These 12 Universes existed as twins. Universe 1 and Universe 12 formed a pair, Universe 2 and Universe 11 formed a pair, and so on and so forth. But, before that we had a total of 18 Universes, 6 of which were later destroyed by Zen’ou. How would 18 Universes have existed before this? Sure, the rest of the 6 could formed pairs with each other, but it would be weird to see Universe 1 form a pair with Universe 12, and not Universe 18, or Universe 13 forming a pair with Universe 18.

This pairing system makes no sense. This leads me to believe that instead of pairs, there existed triplets before the 6 Universes were destroyed. Universe could have originally existed as 1-12-18, 2-11-17, 3-9-16, 4-10-15, 5-8-14, 6-7-13. So, along with Universe 6 and Universe 7, Universe 13 would have the Saiyans as well. This would mean that Universe 13 could be important to the future of the series.

Revival Of The Saiyan Race In Dragon Ball Super

At the end of Dragon Ball Super, we saw 17 revive all the erased Universes. He didn’t specify just the ones that were erased during the Tournament of Power. I’m pretty sure Universe 13 to 18 also got wished back. If that’s the case, then I think we know where the new Saiyan is from; Universe 13. If this is true, he won’t be alone, and the entire Saiyan race from Universe 13 will be there as well. But that’s just what I think.

Did you like this idea? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. If he did he should have also revived the says I race of you and vegetables they would become the…
    They will fight for superior over switch race
    As we can see universe 13 saiyans are the strongest then universe 7 is middle and last is universe 6 saiyans

  2. This may be incorrect as you can see In GT there are Artificial saiyans He may be a artificial saiyan aswell
    And the 2 universe pairs may actually be correct Since it could be 1-12 .. smallest To biggest and it gradually goes to the middle which is 6-7

  3. Mangapanda your theories are so bad
    Your a idiot if you didn’t notice that
    Or if we include the other Deleted/destroyed universes