Shokugeki no Soma 278 Spoiler

The person from the last page of the previous chapter was just Erina’s fan who works at a nearby diner. Suzuki only says that Erina will soon be far away from Soma and then he leaves. The first day finishes. Erina is talking to Hisako who was participating in the mountain route exam. Hisako is irritated after monitoring Suzuki who was supervising the sea route exam. But Erina doesn’t think that Suzuki is as bad of a person as Hisako tries to tell her. As the first day finishes, they return to their hotel. Since returning to the hotel, Soma hasn’t seen Erina, so he looks for her as he was going for a walk anyway. Erina is enjoying the breeze at her veranda, and Soma has strange feelings looking at her. Erina asks why Soma came here, and he struggles to come up with a proper answer, and Erina starts to laugh. Looking at Erina laughing, Soma says she’s more beautiful that way, and Erina panics a bit. As Soma leaves, Erina also plans to leave the place, but she gets adducted by someone. She was taken to a palace, and Suzuki and some other people are there as well. Suzuki introduces himself as Asahi Saiba.

Suzuki: “Welcome to my, to Asahi Saiba’s palace.”


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