Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 273 Spoilers & RAW Chapter

Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 273 Spoilers

​Dojima is with Erina, and he tells her about the thing he found out about Saiba. While Jouichiro was travelling around the world, he met the Saiba kid more than 10 years ago in the American continent. Jouichiro treated him like his own child, and Saiba is also the only one Jouichiro accepted as his student. Dojima says that every time Jouichiro goes to America, he made sure to see Saiba. His name is Asahi, but he started to use the name Saiba. Asahi’s first objective is to defeat Soma who became the first seat of the elite ten and inherits Jouichiro’s bloodline. Asahi’s goal isn’t to become the first seat himself, but he only wants the fact that he defeated Soma, and after that, he wants to marry Erina, and devote all his cooking to her.

Asahi insists that he’s the only one that can please Erina’s tongue, and Soma fights back and argues that he’s the one who needs Erina’s tongue. Erina is looking for Soma, who probably has met Asahi already, and at that moment, she overhears Asahi and Soma’s conversation, and she misinterprets the conversation, thinking that they are battling for her in a romantic sense.

Soma accepts Suzuki’s challenge.

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Suzuki: “I already got acquainted with the first seat of the elite ten. This a chance like destiny…!

Megumi: “E…ehm…Generally, a Shokugeki is done between students. There are almost no previous cases of a Shokugeki between a student and a teacher….”

Suzuki: “Oh is that right? If that’s the case, then it doesn’t have to be a Shokugeki, but just a normal fight would do.”

Megumi: “What?!”

Suzuki: “That alone would be enough for my ambition…”

Soma: “Your ambition…?” (What’s up with this guy…?!)

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Suzuki: “I will marry Erina Nakiri.”

Megumi: “WHAT!!!”

Suzuki: “Well, I still have to get close to her.”

Megumi: “A…awawawawa….this is bad…!! She’s still a high schooler, yet she will be proposed…this sounds like something out of a Shojo manga…!! No, it’s not like I’m the one getting proposed.”

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Suzuki: “I will be the one to marry Erina Nakiri.”

Soma: “Nakiri (’s tongue) belongs to me!!”

Erina: “What? Whaaat? What…what?”

Megumi: “Ah…?! Nakiri san!!”

Erina: “Hawawawawawaawa….”

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