[Spoiler] Fans Are Divided Over The Ending Of ‘Attack On Titan’ Manga

The last chapter, chapter 139, has just been officially released in Japan, and there has been dividing opinions between fans regarding the ending. Some believe that it’s a logical, bitterswet, and open-end ending and others believe it’s a ‘Game of Thrones’ ending or a worse version of the Code Geass ending.











People have shared their opinions regarding the last chapter:

Those who enjoyed the ending or think the ending makes sense:

  • Eren Yeager’s life is a full on Greek Tragedy. Eren seeks, above all, to be free of walls and limitations. He hates those who would trap him in walls and restrict his freedom. It’s why he hated the Titans, even before they killed his mother. It’s why he sought to join the Survey Corps, who represented humanity’s desire to be free, even before his home city was attacked.
  • It makes me so happy to see Levi retired, relaxing, and being taken care of by the brats of all people lmao
  • Ymir learnt from Mikasa that it is okay to distance yourself physically from the ones you love. Love isn’t bound by physical intimacy. You can kill someone and yet love them. Love is not about submitting yourself to the person. Its being there emotionally. So she could love Karl Fritz even without being his slave just like Mikasa who killed Eren when the situation demanded but even then she continued to love her. It is love that started the Curse of the Ymir and it is love that ends it as well.
  • I read the ending and was unsure and kinda unhappy about it, but after I thought on it much more it all clicked. I know at face value it can all seem a bit wonky, but I now think this ending is AMAZING. Everything Eren did—the genocide, being a jerk to everyone, was to get Mikasa to kill him. THAT is what saved the world. Mikasa and Eren somewhat mirror Ymir and Fritz. Not perfectly, but there is a parallel. Much like Ymir always protected Fritz and did his bidding, Mikasa did the same for Eren. No, Eren wasn’t an utter asshat like Fritz, but you see the similarity. Fritz says “Ymir, my slave” just like Eren says “You’re a slave, Mikasa”. In both relationships, there is a “master-slave”connection

Those who disagreed with the ending:

  • The way isayama explained Ymir’s attachment to the world- because she loved her abuser???? That was disturbing
  • “Eren thank you for turning yourself into a mass murderer for our sake” is straight out of some abridged parody
  • YMIR FRITZ. YOU’RE NO SLAVE, YOU’RE NO GOD, YOU’RE JUST A WOMAN IN LOVE! That feels so pointless. That reveal was hollow and added nothing. And it’s creepy and bad.
  • So let me get this straight: Alliance wins but also Genocide is a great strategy, actually, good work Eren
  • Eren is basically the crackhead version of Lelouch.
  • #Basically how Yams explained every plot point/hole in the story: “only Ymir will ever know”

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