Spy x Family Could be Getting an Anime Soon


A Spy x Family anime has been long expected by the fans of the franchise, and could finally be getting announced soon! Written and illustrated by Tetsuya Endo, the manga is consistently selling well. We have been waiting for some news for quite a while now, and there seem to be a potential web domain (spy-family.net) and Twitter handle (@spyfamily_anime) registered. The editor teased a big announcement earlier today on his Twitter, saying it wouldn’t be just a “copy report” this time.

Previously, a French magazine teased that an anime could be coming in 2022. There is still no official confirmation about a Spy x Family anime coming soon, so we have to remain skeptical and wait for it for some more time. Its popularity means that it’s sure to happen, sooner or later. The latest volume cover:

spy x family anime soon - volume 6

Synopsis for the series goes:
The master spy codenamed <Twilight> has spent his days on undercover missions, all for the dream of a better world. But one day, he receives a particularly difficult new order from command. For his mission, he must form a temporary family and start a new life?! A Spy/Action/Comedy about a one-of-a-kind family!

Can’t wait to see the adorable family animated, though the manga is also incredibly enjoyable! You can legally read it for free on the MANGA Plus app or website here.

Again though, important to note that there are no official news about the news yet, so we’ll keep you updated.

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