The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July


Banana Fish is one of the forgotten manga hits from the ’80s. Despite selling over 11 million copies, it never received an anime adaptation – until now. The Banana Fish Anime has just released it’s first trailer and the anime fandom has exploded with excitement for a decent looking crime filled anime.

Banana Fish Anime Release Date

Studio MAPPA (In This Corner of the World / Kakegurui / Yuri!!! on Ice) first announced the adaptation last year. Today, the anime’s official website updated with new info, including its July 5 debut date!

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

Banana Fish Anime Characters

The anime’s new trailer revealed that Survive Said The Prophet is the performing the opening theme, “found & lost.” New cast members were also revealed:

  • Makoto Furukawa as Shorter Wong
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Frederick Arthur
  • Shinji Kawada as Shunichi Ibe
  • Jun Fukuyama as Jusis
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Blanca

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

Banana Fish will air on Noitama and run for 25 episodes, which is rare for the programming black. Most Noitama shows only run for 11 episodes. It’s also been confirmed that the anime will adapt all 110 manga chapters while only changing the setting to modern day.

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

Banana Fish Anime main voice cast

  • Yuuma Uchida as Ash Lynx
  • Kenji Nojima as Eiji Okumura
  • Unshou Ishizuka as Dino Golzine
  • Hiroaki Hirata as Max Lobo

Banana Fish anime’s production staff includes:

  • Director: Hiroko Utsumi (Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club)
  • Chief Animation Directors: Ayumi Yamada (Seraph of the End chief animation director) and Shinpei Kamada (Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul animation director)
  • Scriptwriter: Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100)
  • Character Designer: Akemi Hayashi (Doukyusei -Classmates-)
  • Music Composition: Shinichi Osawa (Ninja Slayer from Animation)
  • Supervisor: Akitsugu Hisagi (Yuri!!! on Ice key animation)

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

Banana Fish is notable for being a cross-demographic hit despite being a shoujo manga. Fans of all ages and genders fell in love with the action-packed, dialogue-heavy series that is dripping with mature themes. In fact, many international licensors marketed it as a seinen title due to its themes.

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

Banana Fish Anime Synopsis

The story centers around Ash Lynx, a child runaway who is raised as a hitman and sex toy of the crime lord Dino Golzine. As a 17-year-old, Ash is ready to rebel against Dino and lead his own gang. While the streets are prepping for a turf war, the pure-hearted Eiji Okamura arrives from Japan, and he is pulled into a whirlwind of violence after meeting Ash.

The Crime-Drama ‘Banana Fish’ Anime Debuts this July

While this is the first Banana Fish anime, the manga was adapted into a radio show and several stage plays.

Are you excited for this crime filled anime adaptation of the old school manga? Let me know in the comments 


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