The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]

The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]

One Piece has a variety of characters. Some of the toughest fighters in the series possess the powers of a devil fruit. So far in the series, we witnessed characters whose devil fruit are unique, and their powers are far beyond our comprehension. However, there are also devil fruits which are useless, and they are a let down to have. There are characters whose powers we still don’t know but, those characters are already too hyped. One such character is the father of Luffy, Monkey D. Dragon. He is the world most dangerous criminal, and the government would do anything to catch him.

The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]
Monkey D Dragon

He is the leader of the infamous group, the Revolutionary. This is a group which directly opposes the World government. To be the leader of this kind of group, Dragon must possess immense strength and a devil fruit which could be among legends.

There is a good theory which suggests Monkey D. Dragon can control the power of weather.

So, let’s break down the theory on Monkey D. Dragon:

The first time we witnessed Monkey D. Dragon’s powers was back at Logue town. When Buggy was about to execute Luffy on the platform, there was no hope for Luffy to survive as Zoro and Sanji were intercepted by the pirates. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the platform and knocked Buggy out thus saving Luffy.

The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]
Luffy’s execution.

The very next incident also took place in the same town when Luffy was almost captured by Captain Smoker. Luffy was held by Smoker on the ground and when Smoker was about to deliver his final blow, Dragon stopped him.

The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]
Monkey D Dragon uses wind gust.

The rain stopped, and an immense gust of wind blew in the town.It was powerful enough to blow Luffy, Alvida, Marines, the pirate crews away with it. So until now, he controlled lightning, wind, and rain which are the elements of weather.

Also in the Gray Terminal when, Dragon found sabo he showed us a hint of his powers. Sabo was on the Highland of the Goa Kingdom, and he was in desperate need for a help, Dragon appeared, and he put out the fire with his gust of wind in order to make a pathway for the other people.

The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]
Dragon saves sabo

Also when Sabo was almost drowned when a Celestial Dragon wrecked his ship, Dragon saved him. While holding him, we saw a gust of wind around Dragon. Also, when he returned to his ship with Sabo, there was a strong wind blowing around him which ceased the moment he landed on the deck.


The Devil Fruit Of Monkey D. Dragon [Explained]

All these incidents indicate that Monkey D. Dragon might have a legendary Devil Fruitwhich grants him the ability to control different elements of weather on his whim. This is a unique power, and it could be more destructive when we’ll actually see it in the series.

Controlling weather is damn powerful if you know when to use it and how to use it. If he were to fight a battle in the seas, he could easily change the outcome by creating a huge sea storm with lightning. Offcourse there could be a limit to what he can do.

The meeting of the World Leaders is about to happen in Reverie, and that could be the perfect time for Dragon to initiate his true scheme. Hopefully, we will see his real identity and the extent of his true powers in Reverie.


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  1. He could have mythical zoan Tengu for all we know the to learn more before you write something like this

  2. He could have mythical zoan Tengu for all we know how. Research more before you write something like this (that first one got auto correct)