The Reason Why Kaido is a Successful SMILE Experiment

The more I watch Kaido the more I am curious about his character in and of itself. Who is this beast like creature? Why has he lost his will to live? Why is he invincible? Theorizing on such a topic is possible if you can come up with a reasonable answer to all of those questions I listed.

I personally believe Kaido is a successful SMILE experiment. Who do I think executed these experiments? None other than the World Government. Oda has deliberately introduced the plot point on human experiments for some reason. In Punk Hazard for instance, we get to see the extent the World Government goes for gigantification.

Not only does the World Government care for such experiments, but so does Big Mom. She even goes to the extent of saying that she would’ve been Pirate King if she had obtained the force’s such as the Elbaf Giants. Doesn’t anyone else find it to be a little bit too coincidental that Big Mom is co’related to Caesar in terms of plot? Yes, I believe Big Mom is an example of a human experiment. She behaves literally almost identical to one of the kid’s on Punk Hazard when they wanted Caesar’s “Candy” (And no I’m not saying Caesar experimented on Big Mom). So it’s easy to tell that there’s kind of a consistency with the giant plot line. Obviously obtaining an army of Giants is a big deal.

We all know the panel on Punk Hazard with this logo correct?

Now who’s the first person that comes to mind whilst looking at this image? Obviously none other than Kaido. In this same arc that this sign was introduced we were introduced to an artificial Dragon that Vegapunk made. Kaido also has the ability to transform from a human to a dragon. This leads me to believe that Kaido is an escaped prisoner. He was created by the group of scientists with Judge, Ceasar and Vegapunk. Those 3 alone discovered the secrets to “Gene Modification.” I believe they made Kaido the perfect being. It’s almost like he’s Half Man Half Bear Pig.

Kaido seems to be a mix of a lot of different creatures. Like I stated earlier, he’s almost like the perfect Smiler user. He has the tattoo and everything just like the occasional smile eater except he’s been infused with a DRAGON!

Also we know X-Drake was a former Marine. On Sabaody we saw that he knew of the human experiments stating, “Vegapunk… I’m surprised you you’ve got red blood flowing through their veins.” whilst speaking on the Pacifistas. So this leads me to believe that X-Drake has joined Kaido’s crew either because Kaido is a smile user or the fact that he is producing smile fruits. It’s hard to speculate if he’s friend or foe at this point in time.

This assumption answers the question on why Kaido doesn’t care about the world. I’m not a psychologist, but what I do know is that being treated like an object through out your entire life would definitely lead to insanity.

*Theory by FirstCommander

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