Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now [Best Recommendations]


Got a girlfriend..? She Loves anime… ? Then you guys are extreme lucky couple to have each other.Here’s Top 10 Best Romance Anime from my choice for you guys.

~~All singles you can join me to watch it with you~~


Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now
Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now

Starting off our best romance anime list, we have a show that goes against the common idea that gamers are unattractive, too “geeky,” and will stay forever alone. The World God Only Knows proves the opposite and tests a gamer’s digital skills in the real world. Hardcore dating sim player Keima Katsuragi is a hermit who prefers the company of his gaming consoles than his classmates. One fateful day, he stumbles across a demon named Elsie who explains that she’s looking for runaway spirits who take refuge in the hearts of females to be reincarnated as their offspring.

She also explains that the only way to free the host from the spirit is the fill the gap within the girl’s heart. Elise enlists Keima for help, making him woo the possessed targets in his school with the hopes of making them fall in love with him. Throughout the series, Keima manages to swoon with countless girls and gets entangled in growing complex relationships in the later seasons. The World God Only Knows is filled with plenty of references and jokes that any gamer will relate to, making it one of the best romance anime.


Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now
Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now

When it comes to love, some people can really become insecure about their overall appearance. In Lovely★Complex, Risa Koizumi is considered much taller compared to the average Japanese woman, while Atushi Otani is way below the height average of boys in his age. Because of their unique qualities, the duo is labeled as the comedy “couple,” All Hanshin Kyojin. However, things start to change when they begin to find their respective crushes, so they decide to put their differences aside and work together to finally find some romance.

Throughout their time together, however, the two slowly start a budding friendship and even fall for each other. The comedy couple learns that they actually share the same interest, which raises the question – does appearance really matter that much when it comes to finding “the one”? Aside from its funny moments, Lovely★Complex has become one of the best romance anime because it proves that no amount of standards will stand in the way of real love.


Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now
Top 10 Best Romance Anime You Should Watch Right Now

There are a lot of things that can break a friendship, especially after finding out that one person from your group suddenly passed away. For the Super Peace Busters, it was just another day of games and meeting at the secret base. Little did they know that their conversation over a simple crush would lead to Meiko “Menma” Honma’s death. Fast forward to several years later and the group has finally drifted apart, each busy with their own lives.

Strangely enough, Menma apparently hadn’t moved on to the afterlife as her ghost continues to pester former Super Peace Busters leader Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi. In an effort to finally send her off, he decides to call everyone from the group to find out just what Menma’s final wish is. That said, the show tackles topics such as grief, acceptance, and moving on from situations we cannot control. Anohana’s main story about friendship also digs deeper regarding the intimate relationships between the members of the group, specifically the “what-if” romance between Menma and Jintan.


  1. I’m so happy to see Yuri On Ice on here! It’s one of the few animes that I loved so much that I had to keep updated with it as the episodes were released. The story is just so inspiring and sweet that it’s hard to not love it. I’ll definitely have to check out some of the other animes on here though. I’m a sucker for this genre. Another really good series that just came out that I’ve been keeping up with is The Greatest Wolf of My Life. It’s also in the romance genre, and features a love triangle. The characters are really lively, and the interactions between the two male characters are hilarious. I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re into K-manga.


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