The Top 20 Sightworthy Manga

The Top 20 Sightworthy Manga(following part of their recommended reasons by voters):

【1】One Piece

(1)The characters are amazing, one piece has characters that you will fall in love with. they all have unique personalities that make you laugh and cry. (2)The story is unpredictable and loads of fun, and the manga itself has a lot of genres so that everyone can enjoy(3)the action is amazing, every battle keeps you at the edge of your seat.——Mantano Leavy


I will say this behalf of other readers and from personal experience (don’t know if others have mentioned), One Piece teaches people about friendship, brotherhood, makes you laugh & cry. And how we should dreaming and work hard towards that dream. I haven’t felt like that when reading other manga’s as much. ——Srilekha Reddy


One Piece teachesa person to follow their dreams and to believe in their nakama. It promotes equality. It’s also obviously against discrimination, seeing the many different characters. ——Crystal CousinFlang Wong



Naruto taught me alot of things.Naruto taught me never to give up.Naruto taught me what the most important thing in life is our loved ones and we should protect them:)Naruto taught me if I ever fall hard,I should get up harder.But most of all Naruto taught me to believe in myself!  ——Esha Kamal


naruto.. because.. it shows how important having friends will be.. on how will you give importance to those bonds and memories you’ve shared.. and giving meaning on achieving ones dream even if is too far…:)——Mavis Vermillion


【3】Fairy Tail

I personally think that Fairy Tail is a good manga to read. (: Fairy tail has a nice balance of being funny and sad. I don’t easily tear up at mangas, but this one make me tear up at every sad part. It also has it’s serious moments, and likes to leave people at the parts where you just want to know more; you want to read more.——Ellesia Tran


【4】Full Metal Alchemist

Excellent story, it even won an award.  ——Dawin WidjajaFor being the best Manga I’ve ever read. It’s so damn epic! I really do like every main character somehow, even those you’re supposed to hate are magnificent bastards. The artstyle is unique and awesome, the drama aswell as comedy and action are fitting and the story is absurdely elaborate.——Dennis Masser



Because unlike all the other neverending shounen manga/anime, I still am very curious about how the story develops itself. ——Dennis Masser


【6】Death Note

I will recommend DEATH NOTE! (i like them all actually) I haven’t watch any anime tv series or live action of death note yet. Read It! you will surely love it too!! I guarantee! You will get addicted too! and perhaps… u wont stop reading until you finish it 😛   ——Geliepop Manaloto


【7】Dragon Ball

Dragonball, ranma for classic action comedy and one piece and bleach for up-to-date action comedy ^^ ——Nyaa Scene Queen-Sama

Dragon Ball is the father of naruto, one piece, fairy tail, and bleach!!! ——Parry


【8】Katekyo Hitman Reborn

There are so many epic moments here that make I fall in love with the manga! The whole varia arc(Everyone fought without relying on their rings), the flashbacks about Primo and the origins oif Vongola, the origin of Arcobaleno in the filler arc, All of the Vongola bosses appearance in future arc, Primo’s appearance when Tsuna fights Byakuran.——niasapphire


【9】Soul Eater

Is just hilarious and serious at the same time!! ——Meyssam Sahib



If you want to laugh so much that your belly aches i recommend this one.——Deyna Tirado



Inuyasha is my first manga, my first love, No one can really forget the first love! That’s how I feel about InuYasha! My first love! Looking back on this manga with fondness!——Pretty16


【12】Rurouni Kenshin

Classic manga that depicts the bakumatsu well enough, and very appealing for shounen manga. Needless to say, many learns kendo because of this manga. ——Dawin Widjaja



D.grayman for sure! Both manga and anime. I’ve never liked horror’s and always feared death. But this is my only exception! I think the plot/storyline is amazing, written/drawn well and is always keeping hold of my attention. ——Kirie-Lea Lavi Cussen



This is by far my most favorite manga that I’ve read, it has a very good storyline set in 19th century Victorian London. The protagonist is one very extremely sexy butler by the name of Sebastian Michaelis, who serves his master Ciel Phantomhive, but he is no ordinary butler, and Ciel is no ordinary child either. A very good manga that a lot more people should check out :)——Angelica AngieBear Limon


【15】Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x hunter since i followed this manga since 2000 or 2001 if im not mistaken.and it is amazing journey by a young boy with his 3 the author of hunterxhunter is the same person who made yuyu hakusho back then.and do not tell me if you guys haven’t read or watch yuyu hakusho :).it contains superb fighting just like hunter x hunter.——Kunkka Hexmon


【16】Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

 There are so many cute parts throughout this manga.  Every time when I read them all over again it always makes me cry.——Cystenn


【17】High School of the Dead

This manga really is great one of the best you can read in my opinion. ——darkewrathe

It’s really something different than the usual zombie apocalypse setting with survivors running all around screaming etc. ——Latareus


【18】Code Geass

I’d like to come out and say that I like Code Geass very much overall, It is epic!——Kodai Okuda


【19】Vampire Knight

It teaches us that we should accept others as who they are, as how Yuuki accepts Zero as a vampire, and how she accepts Kaname even if he’s not her ‘real’ brother.-it teaches us to go as far as possible to protect the one we love the most, like how Zero and Kaname do, for Yuuki’s sake.-it teaches us that no matter what or where our status is with another, we should always know that in the end, that we are still friends with them, like how Takuma still helps Kaname, while he was on “the opposing side” of Kaname.-it teaches us that we can always put on a happy face even if things aren’t working out, like how Yuuki always does. ^^  ——Mitarashie Kieraa


【20】Skip Beat

IM A BIG FAN OF SKIP BEAT. I am reading the manga again. Skip beat turn me into an otaku fan. LOVE SKIP BEAT LOVE Nakamura-san. she is the best manga artist I have seen so far and I hope she will be forever. Skip beat, Nakamura-san, Kyouko, Ren and all the characters forever and the people that edit and helpers that help Nakamura-san draw the manga.——puikwan

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