There is a One Piece 3D Art Exhibit In Hong Kong & We Went There

The first ever One Piece 3D art exhibit is getting underway in Hong Kong. If you’re into optical illusions and straw hat pirates, this is probably for you.

This week, websites HopetripNew Monday, and Daliulian checked out the exhibit at the Hong Kong 3D Museum. You can see photos of the exhibit below.

One Piece 3D Art Exhibit Layout

Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hats and Allies

Chopper hiding from a battle

Giants and small people

Protecting Luffy

Hanging with Brook

Frankie’s got ahold of me

Gear 3

Straw Hat Crew

Ace Died

If you’re in Hong Kong and interested in attending, check out the Hong Kong 3D Museum’s official site.

Would you go to this one piece 3d art exhibit ? Let me know in the comments

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