Three New “Naruto” Novels Are on the Way Starting This May


Three New Naruto Novels Announced For 2018

The original Naruto series may have ended awhile back, but the franchise is far from over. The title lives on through its sequel Boruto, and Masashi Kishimoto has even more in store for the franchise. Not long ago, a new announcement came through for Naruto, and it confirmed three new spin-offs are coming for its heroes.

According to Shueisha’s Jump J Books branch, Naruto will get three new spin-off books this year. The titles will follow one hero each as Naruto, Shikamarau, and Sasuke navigate the world of fatherhood. The first novel will debut in May before Sasuke and Shikamaru get their outings (via ANN).

 Three New Naruto Novels Announced For 2018

Naruto Shinden will be penned by Mirei Miyamoto, but its art will be done by Kishimoto himself. The creator is expected to do artwork for all three novels, and the spin-offs will take place when each of its leads are parents. The books will house a slew of short stories which focus on its heroes’ parent-child relationships, and Naruto‘s looks like it will feature at least one story revolving around the Hokage and his precious daughter Himawari.

These are not the first spin-off titles for Naruto, and they probably will not be the last. In the past, Kishimoto approved three other series before this one: Naruto Ninden, Naruto Hiden, and Naruto Shinden. Note, the last series mention used a different kanji than this newly announced series, separating the two lines despite their mirrored translations.

Three New Naruto Novels Announced For 2018So far, there is no word on whether these spin-off novels will factor into Boruto, but fans are interested to see if they will get their own anime adaptation. Previous spin-offs like Itachi Shinden were given in-anime adaptations, so Boruto could turn to these new novels for inspiration when filler arcs are needed to pad its progression.

Are you excited for these new Naruto stories?


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