‘To Love-Ru’ is Getting a New One-Shot Manga Next Month


While not a full return, To Love-Ru co-creators Kentaro Yabuki and Saki Hasemi are working on a full-color one-shot manga for the sultry series. The announcement was made in Jump SQ.

Jump SQ

The one-shot, which will be published on May 2 in Jump SQ, is being written to celebrate Yabuki’s 20th year as a manga artist. Yabuki is most known for co-creating To Love-Ru, but he’s also known for creating Black Cat and adapting Darling in the Franxx into a manga.

Yabuki and Hasemi may be returning to celebrate the former’s career, but there’s no doubt that fans are hoping for the harem’s revival. The duo ended the manga in March 2017, but Hasemi told fans that the 18th volume wasn’t the final chapter of the story.

To Love-Ru

While a revival is not guaranteed, To Love-Ru fans will certainly enjoy this brief new story next month.


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