Tokyo Company Offers VR Massages With Anime Girls, But Actually Given By Men


There are plans to open a VR-based massage shop calledToranoana VR Relaxationin Tokyo’s Akihabara. Customers wear a VR headset and enjoy foot rubs from virtual anime girls.

The anime girl will ask questions, with the customer selecting responses using a handheld controller, making the whole thing bit like a romance simulator video game.

During the massage, you wear a VR headset so you can see the anime girl rubbing your feet.

But in reality … Yep, that’sa male therapist doing the foot rubs, which means that while the customer is seeing a cute anime girl giving him a massage, it’s actually a dude with his hand all over those otaku feet.

The sessions have been booked up !!

Will you try and pay for this service?


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