Top 10 Androgynous Characters in Anime


As an anime fan, we’ve all come across androgynous characters. They have become more and more common in anime and we love it.

We’re not talking about characters who cross-dress on the regular or identify specifically as the opposite sex, or even those who look like their opposite sex. These characters embrace who they are and showcase the best of both worlds. Let’s get to know them.

10. Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom

Top 10 Androgynous Characters in Anime
Top 10 Androgynous Characters in Anime

The reason for Nagisa’s androgynous look and demeanor is unfortunately not a happy one. His mother always wanted a girl so she forced him to keep his hair long and to wear girls’ clothes.

His mother’s bullying have made him a very docile boy. Despite his difficult upbringing and being teased for being so feminine, he embraces who he is and is, in fact, the most talented assassin in the class. A perfect balance between being a soft, gentle person and a cold killing machine if needed.

9. Saika Totsuka from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Meet Saika Totsuka, the captain of the tennis club, a.k.a. the “Prince”, which his fangirls call him because of his beautiful feminine looks and gentle demeanor.

Though he is a boy and an excellent athlete at that, Saika wears his heart on his sleeve and hates conflict, showing that androgyny can bring out the best in people.

8. Crona from Soul Eater

One of the first enemies Maka and Soul come across, is the Sword Master, Crona. Crona is one of the few anime characters whose gender is officially unknown and undisclosed.

At the time, they were being controlled by their evil mother who forced them to fight and constantly bullied them. This made them very strong and powerful, but also unbalanced and gave them low self-esteem, which they battle throughout the series.


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