Top 10 Best Chinese Anime You Should Check Out [Best Recommendations]

Top 10 Best Chinese Anime You Should Check Out.

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China’s history in regards to the rise of animation in its culture is very much different than that of Japan’s. China’s development in the aftermath of World War II was one that did not encourage a rise in the arts, whereas in Japan animation would eventually flourish into what we have today. As a result, China had a “late start” when it began to turn to animation as a form of entertainment, leading to heavily borrowing from the Japanese anime style while combining it with their own values, stories, and developing culture. As a result, here are the Top 10 Chinese Anime.

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[AMV] Badass Chinese Anime Movie

Chinese Anime with Over 1 Billion Views Gets Localized for Japan

A Chinese anime named 狐妖小红娘 is being localized for Japanese TV. The japanese version is going to be called En Musubi No Youko Chan which roughly translates to Matchmaker Fox Maiden. This is one of the biggest anime in China right now raking over 7 billion views for the manga and over 1.2 billion views online for the anime. What’s so special about this series?

This Chinese Anime Looks Better than Japanese Anime?

The King’s Avatar started airing about a month ago and the Chinese anime is already making quite a big splash in the anime community. A post on the Yaraon Blog recently got viral in the Japanese community with people being super impressed with the quality of animation from a studio that is not based in Japan. In fact, it looks better than most of the stuff that’s currently coming out of Japanese studios. This leads to a big conversation around the future of anime.

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  1. Right now, there’s a new Chinese anime called Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and it seems better in quality than most of the previously released chinese anime. I guess, in the near future, Chinese anime will go mainstream and could compete hand in hand with the japanese animation. Definitely looking forward on this.