Top 10 Best One Piece Chapters of 2018!


10. Chapter 923 – The Kaido One Shot

After the Katakuri fight and Whole Cake Island a lot of fans (and especially all those power level whores) went into Wano a little scared. They thought: “The way Oda has been portraying Luffy it might just be possible that he will defeat Kaidou in a 1v1 battle after getting a Rayleigh flashback in their first fight. It will be utter trash and I’m gonna have to drop OP.” Well, Oda shut their mouths real good. First of all, we get some awesome action panels with amazing art. Then, it happens: Kaido sighs, grabs his club and defeat Gear 4 Luffy with just a single blow!

Perfect. This sets up the threat level of Kaido, shows that Luffy probably won’t be able to take him on 1v1 or he at least has to get a little more than a Rayleigh flashback and it just gives me those sweet sweet Alabasta vibes when Luffy got hooked by Crocodile.

9. Chapter 909 – The Introduction to Wano

Ah how I remember the times when the consensus in the community was that Reverie will last around 10 chapters lol. To the surprise of a lot of people, myself included, this chapter came around and gave us a great opening to the Wano Arc out of nowhere. First, we get some spicy Whitebeard lore and we finally get to meet Marco (I’m really looking forward to this whole Weevil plot). A pretty good start. And then the curtains rise and just by reading I could hear the shamisen play in the background. Boom.
With probably some of the best art Oda has pulled of in recent years, we get to see a beautiful flower capital and my Japan loving heart was filled with excitement. After like 2 years, we finally get to see our homeboys and girls who weren’t present at Whole Cake Island and it just made me happy. To top it all of, we get some old school badassery by our favourite mosshead casually slicing buildings in half with a seppuku knive. This arc was set up partially since Thriller Bark, and just like that, we were here now. What a feeling. My expectations after a start like that were even higher than before.

8. Chapter 902 – A Satisfying Ending

Look, I know Whole Cake Island had a lot of problems. Some plotlines weren’t finished at all and we don’t even know if they will be addressed again. Some plotlines took disappointing turns and some people’s expectations for this arc just weren’t met. I personally enjoyed Whole Cake Island a lot and I would say, it’s my favourite New World arc so far. It gave me one of my favourite characters in the whole series. This final chapter just made me … very satisfied? Let’s see what this chapter gave us and why it was so satisfying to me.

-Regret: Sanji realizes, that his distrust in his crew’s ability and his actions leading up to WCI had Pedro killed. This is important. For me, this certified that we will never see a Sanji again, that doesn’t 100% trust his crew and knows that they can accomplish anything. Plus Carrot’s attempt to comfort him was some really sad.

-The End Roll: I really like Pudding. I liked her when she was just a very lovable girl and I was hyped when she turned out to be an evil bitch. I liked her when she turned into a two-faced kind of gag character. The sequence which revealed her last request to Sanji was not just aesthetically freaking great with the film roll background, but it turned this character, whom a lot of people hated after her 50 changes of heart, into a very tragic figure. She didn’t get a happy end like all the other “good guys” in One Piece. She was left there sobbing in a back alley. It’s sad, but i really liked this ending to her story. And who knows what else we will see from Pudding (Three Eye Clan you know).

-Katakuri: I expected some kind of flashback to Katakuri’s past. What I didn’t expect was me getting teary eyed about freaking Brulee. This last sequence with Katakuri and Brulee was just beautiful. It made Katakuri, who turned from being a cold badass villain into a lovable fan favourite antihero, so “human”. I just love this character to death because no one else in One Piece feels like Katakuri. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he just protecting the people he loves? I don’t know, but I sure know that we will see him again someday and this day will be glorious. On Brulee’s part: Her “I know :)” after Katakuri tells her his “legend” is just a facade makes me smile to this day. It gave this character, who was kind of “abused” to get the plot going, something more. Did you expect to find out, why this ugly witch looking branch has a scar on her face? Neither did I. (I still wanna know why Katakuri has a scarred mouth tho)

All in all, this chapter had so much closure on things I didn’t even know I wanted. And that’s why it made a pretty rough ending to an arc into a very satisfying one. The little musical going on during this chapter gave off a really good vibe describing this whole arc. Was there actually a winner? This is definitely not the end of Big Mom and co.

7. Chapter 906 – The Giant Strawhat at Mary Geoise

The first of the “out of this world hype level Reverie chapters” in my Top 10 list. Don’t we all love when we get a look at characters from all the previous arcs we love in One Piece? In this chapter, we get a plethora of princesses, kings and animals connected to the Straw Hat Crew actually meeting up in the same place and fanboying over the future king of the pirates. Something I couldn’t have imagined like a year ago. The little trivia panels Oda had to include for newer readers just showed me again how freaking big One Piece is and how grateful we should be for this world Oda gave us. On a sidenote: we also get to see a little bit of the dark background Mary Geoise obviously has with the slaves and the sneak peek of Charlos, which got me really excited for some drama.

But then the thing I love most about One Piece takes the stage again: Mystery. Out of nowhere we get the madman himself, the fallen Sky Dragon, randomly talking to himself (or was he talking to Magellan?) in his prison cell. In his oldschool fashion he gives us a hype ass speech about the national treasure of Mary Geoise. Meanwhile a skinny figure completely shrouded in silhouette opens a huge gate in an ancient looking tomb and B O O M: there is a giant straw hat!

This is the reason i read One Piece. After over 900 chapters, I still don’t dare to predict Oda’s story. Because everything he comes up with just shatters my expectations and I can’t wait to find out what is up with that thing.

6. Chapter 925 – Wano Break Time Show

One of the most recent chapters. Oda apparently just decided Wano itself wasn’t hype enough as it is so he had to give us some Reverie level chapters during the halftime breaks. I mean, just look at all the stuff we got in this chapter:

-We see Mihawk and Perona after like 300 chapters again.

-We see Moriah, a main villain of an arc, again.

-We finally get to see Blackbeard’s crew after the time skip and oh boy, do they have awesome devil fruits (RIP Absalom).

-Blackbeard manspreading with his awesome new design and his epic speech about the war for the throne. Casually dropping a 2,247,600,000 Berries bounty, shattering Luffy’s hype bounty from chapter 903.

-Random info about the Reverie sprinkled in there (abolishment of the Shichibukai system and Revolutionaries fighting Admirals. I can’t wait for the next info dump on that.)

-Because Oda had like a page or two left, he just decided “F**k it” and dropped the long awaited remaining Calamities on us with savage looking designs.


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