Top 10 Best One Piece Chapters of 2018!


Phew. I really don’t know how he wants to keep up this level of hype for the Wano break chapters or if this was the highlight already and the other ones are gonna be tamer than that. Because if they keep getting more hype I don’t know if my heart can take that. Maybe the only problem I have with this chapter is that the introduction to King and Queen was a little underwhelming. Like I said, it felt like he had a spare page and wanted to fill that. This introduction was nothing compared to Katakuri’s, even tho i really really like their designs. Still, one of the most hype chapters this year and this says a lot.

5. Chapter 921 – Kaido is a Dragon

I was talking about how Oda always exceeds our expectations and like nobody can predict what he’ll do next. I may have to make an exception here, because Kaido being a dragon has probably been one of the most popular theories in recent years. Was this chapter any less hype because of it? HELL NAH. Dude I was literally jumping up and down in my chair after the last page. It may be edgy, it may be generic, but the main antagonist of probably one of the biggest and most important arcs in a series being a flipping dragon ist just so cool (I know I sound like an excited middle school fanboy, but that’s what shonen is mostly for right?)

Anyway, this chapter didn’t just have a dragon, it also gave us the introduction of Ashura Douji as well as the comeback of Jack. And boy, did Ashura Douji surprise me. When I first saw that dude, I was pretty disappointed tbh. Another fat obnoxious dude who’s probably gonna be one shot by Luffy. But because Oda knew, that the “Kaidou is a dragon” has been predicted already, he wanted to at least surprise us with Ashura. So poor old Jack gets to Okobore Town after recovering from the Zunisha’s slap he received a few dozen chapters ago and after talking some smack to Ashura gets sliced straight across the chest. Wow.

This had me so excited as well and I honestly thought, this was going to be the typical hype end to the chapter. It’s so awesome that Wano apparently has samurais that can keep up with Yonko commanders and it also tells us a lot about Oden’s strength (can’t wait for that flashback to fuck me up either).
And then ofc the sky gets dark and Kaidou descends from the heavens like the godly beast he is. What a chapter. Maybe the fact that this obvious and popular theory of Kaidou being a dragon actually was true made this in some way even more surprising than all the plot twists Oda usually does? Idk, but 921 without a doubt deserves this number 5 spot.

4. Chapter 895 – The Best Fight in One Piece

I don’t wanna discuss the actual ending of this fight. I don’t wanna discuss the issues some people have with Oda’s power leveling of Luffy, plot armor and so on. All I know is, that this chapter, just based on action, choreography, art and intensity is the best fight sequence we have gotten in One Piece so far. The only comparable thing I could think of is that one chapter where Luffy and Rob Lucci go at it just 1v1 bare fists in that one storage room in Enies Lobby.


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