Top 10 Best One Piece Chapters of 2018!


But this chapter was better imo. Katakuri’s character has been developed on so many more dimensions than any other antagonist in One Piece. Like seriously, was there ever a point in One Piece where probably over 50% of the fanbase was rooting for the antagonist? This fight didn’t feel like the typical “this is where Luffy beats the main villain of the arc and everything will be fine afterwards”. This fight felt more like two war veterans who had been close friends for years but because of their backgrounds have to go at each other. And in the end, both just fought for the people they wished to protect. The chapter itself was beautifully simple. We get the hype introduction to Luffy’s new G4 form Snake Man, which is his coolest form yet imo, and then the rest of the chapter is just two determined people throwing hands.

I’m the type of person who reads One Piece because of the story and the mysteries. Fights were never the most important part for me. But Katakuri as a character and all these twists and turns and Luffy’s development in this battle have made it my favourite in the series.

3. Chapter 907 – I don’t even know what the most hype thing about this chapter was!

Let me tell you, the days and hours before I could actually read this chapter were the most brutal wait I have ever experienced for One Piece. We just came off the hype Reverie chapter with the G I A N T S T R A W H A T and speculations online were going crazy. I was never craving a One Piece chapter more than in this week. Every single plotline or revelation in this chapter, even if the rest would’ve literally been blank pages, would’ve made the chapter a 10/10.

-Big Mom and Kaidou discuss Luffy (like wtf Yonkos have casual Den Den Mushi conversations like this), Kaidou and Big Mom past connections are mentioned, Big Mom announces she will be coming to Wano (wtf omg I’m gonna see Katakuri again)

-The Marines overhear this conversation, Kizaru wants to go to Wano (yes please Kizaru come to Wano pls)

-Garp talks about “The Rocks” which apparently were the big pirates before Roger!

-“The Empty Throne” gets introduced, which gives off mad mysterious vibes and we all knew someone’s gonna sit on it.

-Charlos is back in action and is still the most obnoxious living being. Oh and btw CP0, with Lucci, Stussy and Kaku, is back, but not a big deal right hahahahahah. Good thing Mjosgard (omg that dude is back and Otohime’s efforts weren’t worthless and he’s actually part of Doflamingo’s family) smacks Charlos right in the face.

-And ofc the reason why Luffy even started his journey, the character I think literally everone in the community loves to death, randomly shows up before the Gorosei to talk about “a certain pirate”.

I was floored after this chapter. My critique on this chapter was, that it had too much content. I actually didn’t know what I should be hyped about the most. It felt like a fanfic chapter and not an actual one. Idk, i don’t think I can say anything more without repeating myself. But there are still 2 more chapters that got me even more hyped.

2. Chapter 908 – The One True King


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