Top 10 Best One Piece Chapters of 2018!


So some people might disagree on my ranking after I’ve been gushing over 907 so hard. But for me, 908 and the introduction of Im/Imu-sama is just such massive, immense, unbelievable game changer for the story of One Piece, that I had to put it at number 2. The hype for this chapter was also huge, but not in the same capacity as 907. So maybe because I wasn’t expecting as much of this chapter, it surprised me even more when I actually read it. The first big thing this chapter gave us was the reintroduction of Kuma as well as Bonney.

Now this caused something I never really experienced reading One Piece. The fact, that Kuma is now in this state, being used as a slave by the disgusting Celestial Dragons and especially the fucktard Roswald made me extremely physically upset. Like, with all the heart-wrenching stories and despicable characters in this manga, I still have never been so upset about the fate of a character. I don’t know what caused this, but I literally wanted to get into this manga and free Kuma. Maybe because this was happening in real time and not in a flashback? Idk. Plus the connection between Bonney and Kuma…huh? Just as I read that part, I remembered Bonney’s reaction to Marineford, where she was super upset about the Marines. And then it clicked for me. Bonney wasn’t upset about Whitebeard’s death, but the things they did to Kuma.

And now to Im-sama: Just thinking about the scene in the flower room, I still get goosebumps all over my body. This silhouetted figure, which we had already seen with the giant straw hat, just sitting in this strangely calm and peaceful room, holding out his hand to a butterfly. Imagine a choir singing quietly over this scene in the anime. Then, he gets told that everyone is ready. He gets up and leaves shredded wanted posters of Luffy, Blackbeard and Shirahoshi behind. In his hands he holds a picture of Vivi. He wanders up to the empty throne.

The Gorosei, the highest authority of the “opposing force” in One Piece we have known up until this point, all bowing down to this fragile looking person. He/she sits down on the throne, on which nobody should sit on unless there is a one true ruler of the world. And I guess there is one. The Gorosei ask, which light should be destroyed to bring back order to the world. We get nothing more than his eyes, no answer at all. Like I’ve already stated, mystery is my favourite thing in One Piece. The stuff I wanna know most about is the history of the Void Century, the story behind the will of D, the story behind the One Piece. Im-sama is this entity that just feels like it knows about all of it and even more. I wanna know more about Im-sama.


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