Top 10 Best One Piece Chapters of 2018!


1. Chapter 903 – Classic One Piece

So there we are. My number 1 One Piece Chapter in 2018. I guess imma keep this one shorter.
What are your fondest memories of One Piece? For me, the most impactful chapters are the ones that created, widened or explored the beautiful, vast world Oda’s imagination has come up with. A pretty big part of this are the transitional chapters between arcs. Anyone remember reading the chapters with Doffy and Kuma’s introduction as well as the first look at the Gorosei for the first time. That was some of the most hype stuff ever.

This chapter is just that. It threw me back in time to when Luffy got his first bounty of 30 Mil, when Mihawk met Shanks to tell him the news, when we got to see Makino in Fusha Village again. This was what got me hooked on One Piece. 903 made me feel like the happy 8 year old reading One Piece in a library again. We got Power-Ups for Sanji and Nami, we got the classic narrator (Big News Morgans i think) telling us about Luffy’s impact and accomplishments. The upcoming “Fifth Emperor”. A reintroduction of our boy Coby and the bombshell of the massive new 1.5 Billion bounty Luffy has achieved.

By being part of this story, by reading weekly and experiencing everything with the Straw Hat Crew, this felt like an achievement for me as well. And that made me unbelievably happy.

*List by Gehweiher


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