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Top 10 Cutest Kiss and Confession Moments In Anime

For all the romantic entanglements that anime brings to the table, there’s surprisingly little kissing going on. With some couples, the first kiss may be the only kiss the viewer ever sees. With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the best anime first kisses out there.

Can you remember what your first kiss felt like? Or, if you are still waiting to be kissed, what do you imagine it to feel like? For some, it was messy and awkward. For others it has been or will be the kiss of a lifetime. But having the experience itself is great, and a big part of growing up. It also can be the start of a beautiful relationship. That is what makes anime kisses so wonderful- they make you think of the sparks you get around your crush or partner. They make you feel tingly with delight and joy as characters kiss.

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Anime kisses are like no other. They aren’t like the ones we see in regular movies and TV- they are more dramatic. They take a gesture of love to a whole new level. Characters often feel bliss, embarrassment, or a combination of the two. It is very similar to how many of us might feel.

The romance of an anime brings a whole new facet to an already amazing story. And the best part is, it is something we all can relate to. We have all gone to school and struggled with exams, friends, and sports. And then, on top of that, we get feelings for a classmate, which can make for some crazy situations. It feels like nobody knows what you’re feeling, but then you turn on a great slice-of-life series or school club story and it feels like you’re among friends. Even if it is an anime that focuses on the supernatural, a kiss is something we all know about in our “real world.”

Romantic Kiss Anime Wallpaper

So, what should you watch if you want to feel the sparks? We’ve selected ten animes with maximum lip-locks, so you can find out.

Some are romantic and adorable, some are heartbreaking, and one literally saves the world from destruction. Which anime first kiss is your favorite?

Hugs that will break some bones. Kisses that will totally fail. All this in this funny anime compilation.

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