Choji and Jirobo, both are very similar in particular when it comes to their size. Both have been teased about their weight by their respective peers. The only difference is that Choji came out of it with the same gentle kind heart he’s always had. Jirobo on the other hand is completely opposite to the point where he doesn’t have a kind bone in his body.

The fight itself isn’t the best fight we’ve seen on Naruto, but it manages to be very entertaining. Choji shows us what he’s got with a variety of expansion Jutsu mixed with clever thinking. There are times in the beginning where Choji’s moves looked so cool and devastating that it actually seemed like it could be over. Choji proves too much for Jirobo to handle and he’s actually forced to resort to using his cursed seal level 2. At this point Jirobo becomes a force to be reckoned with, easily beating Choji. Choji’s only hope is to eat the last pill, the red chili pepper pill that will kill him if he takes it. Choji ends up taking it, boosting his power pretty heavily. This seems to transform him with him having butterfly wings.

After this fight, it’s impossible to think of Choji as just a boring character anymore. The ending is especially sad with Choji reading the encouraging remarks for him to catch up with them all before collapsing.



Sasuke managed to temporarily hold his own against Haku, an impressive feat in itself, given the fact that Haku was an extremely formidable opponent considering Sasuke’s current level. After Naruto witnessed this selfless act of his team-mate, he believed Sasuke to have been killed. As he mourned his fallen comrade, he was blinded by immense anger and frustration, and allowed his inner demon to partly overcome him.

Naruto rushed at Haku wildly, in an attempt to avenge his team-mate. Twice Haku attempted to kill Naruto with throwing needles, but on both occasions, Naruto used the Nine-Tails’ chakra to push the needles out, and heal himself. Finally, Naruto rushed at Haku, and broke the mirror Haku was hiding in. Haku then appeared from a shard of the broken mirror, in an attempt to end the battle, but Naruto quickly dodged. When Haku tried to return to a mirror, Naruto grabbed hold of his arm. Naruto then delivered a powerful punch, sending Haku through one of the mirrors and, through that process, destroying them all.

This fight was the first time Naruto unleashes the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit and he just beats the living snot out of Haku. Still the results for this battle was undecided however Naruto had a good chance to win the battle by killing Haku but he refused.



From the beginning Kidomaru has fought the fight with Neji like a game of chess, analyzing every move that Neji makes and perfecting his way of fighting to kill Neji. Now that Kidomaru has the perfect strategy it seems like Neji is out of luck. Kidomaru is able to use his web and connect it to one of his kunai. By sending Chakra through the web he can in a way guide the kunai where he wants it thus making it very impossible for Neji to out run it or dodge it in anyway. Neji is also low on Chakra so it’s nearly impossible for him to launch any type of offense.

Knowing that there’s no way he can dodge any more attacks it looks like he’s accepted the fact that he might die, as we see in the flashbacks to his fights with Naruto and Hinata. What comes next ends up being a pretty great move as Neji allows himself to get hit by a Kunai and sending Chakra up the web through Kidomaru’s mouth damaging his insides. After that Neji is able to follow up with an all out attack on his chakra points ending the match.

The ending of this fight was visually beautiful watching the feather land in Neji’s hand. It was also cool that Neji gave respect to Naruto and in a way thanked him for guiding him through the darkness and really making him into a new person. The look on Neji’s face really showed that some kind of huge weight was lifted from his shoulders and that he was free.



Disguised as a Grass ninja, Orochimaru challenges Sasuke to a fight to test the power of the Uchiha. Sasuke is scared at first and beaten up by Orochimaru. Naruto is furious that Sasuke is scared and willing to give up. Naruto, with the power of the Nine-tailed Fox fights with Orochimaru. Naruto ends up losing as Orochimaru seals the Nine-Tail Fox power using the Five Prong Seal.

Sasuke thinks to himself that if he can’t survive this then how could he ever stand up to his brother. All of a sudden the motivated Sasuke launches a fury of attacks with his Dragon Flame Jutsu being the final attack, burning Orochimaru. It looks as if Sasuke has won, but Orochimaru materializes and bites Sasuke, leaving a cursed mark on Sasuke’s shoulder and Sasuke in excruciating pain. Eventually Sasuke faints and Orochimaru tells a worried Sakura that Sasuke will come to him sooner or later. Afterwards, Orochimaru flees.

It may be unconventional to choose this fight but I found it extremely intense and very high quality. If you don’t believe me, go back and watch Naruto episode 29 and 30. Something you pretty much never see. Hand to hand combat, and jutsu’s all used at fast pace. And Naruto even got his sweet revenge to Sasuke by calling him “scaredy-cat”.



Neji was pitted against Naruto in the first rounds of the finals. Although Neji soon gained the advantage, and cut off Naruto’s chakra flow, Naruto was determined to fight against Neji, and prove that fate was not predetermined. Naruto tapped into the power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him, and was able to keep up with Neji for a time. Neji’s Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin protected him from Naruto’s attacks, but when he approached a supposedly defeated Naruto, Naruto sprang out of a tunnel he had dug in the ground, and delivered an uppercut to Neji in the jaw, defeating him. Neji was angry with himself for falling for Naruto’s signature technique, but Naruto revealed that the technique used to be his worst one, and that he only became good at it through practice.

This fight shows just how much Naruto has improved since the preliminaries where he surprised everyone even Sandaime himself. He’s intelligence grew and the best moment of the match was when Naruto uppercutted Neji after he called him a drop out on a numerous of times thus bringing Neji into the fold and caring for others also making him stronger than he was thanks to Naruto.



This fight from start to finish is incredible, and you really couldn’t ask for much more from a Kage-level battle like this one. Early in the battle, Orochimaru summons the First Hokage and Second Hokage from the dead to fight the Third. The two Hokages showed why they were deserving of their titles and rank in the first place, as the First Hokage used an awesome looking jutsu that only he used, where he channeled his chakra into creating a living forest that entangled the Third Hokage, while the Second Hokage was a master of using water, which is made all the more impressive since there was no water around to use to power him, so he was essentially so strong he could will it from thin air. To help him in the uneven fight, the Third Hokage summons Enma and has him transform into a staff.

The last option the Third could think of is using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal away the souls of the First Hokage and Second Hokage. Turning his attention to Orochimaru, the Third begins to seal his soul as well, though is stopped as Orochimaru’s Kusanagi stabs him in the back. The Third realized that he didn’t have enough strength left to fully seal Orochimaru’s soul, and instead opted to seal his former pupil’s arms. He successfully did so, thus robbing Orochimaru of his ability to use jutsu. Wishing his student a fond farewell, the Third died after reciting one last proverb. Awesome fight, and depending on how one looks at it, Sarutobi may have been the winner.



The battle between Naruto and Gaara started off excellent, with Naruto using his Shadow Clone Jutsu over and over in amazingly brilliant ways. Actually, all the things involving Naruto’s shadow clones was good, especially when he unleashed a huge barrage of them, which he used to attack Gaara in wave after wave.

Things get even better once Gaara fully unleashed the demon Shukaku in him and Naruto summoned the Chief Toad Gamabunta. The demon versus toad match was really epic as they were blocking each other’s moves with the other, and watching Gamabunta jump around was great.

The most suprising moment was when Naruto and Gamabunta agree to combine their power to transform into the Nine-Tailed Fox. Seeing the fox as this huge, sprawling entity standing above the treetops, was an exciting moment since we always love seeing the fox side of Naruto.

Although Naruto called upon Kyubi’s power to fight Gaara, in the end he used his own power to defeat Gaara. And the next time we see Gaara, he will be a whole new person.



From the beginning of the battle, it seems that Sasuke has an advantage. He’s attacking Naruto with everything he has, because a flashback explained that in order for Sasuke to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan, he must kill his best friend, Naruto. However, Naruto becomes serious after receiving a few attacks from Sasuke. Sasuke charges Naruto with his Chidori, while Naruto counters with the Rasengan. The result is a stalemate. Sasuke wants to avoid another stalemate, because he knows he only has enough Chakra for one more Chidori. He decides to first stop Naruto’s movements, then use Chidori. He manages to grab Naruto, and tries to use Chidori, but instead of hitting Naruto’s heart, Naruto deflects Sasuke’s hand, causing him to hit his shoulder. Even though Naruto wasn’t killed, Sasuke felt that the battle was over. However, Naruto begins using the Kyuubi’s Chakra. This causes the wound to completely heal. Naruto’s speed also increases, beyond the vision of Sasuke’s Sharingan.

Eventually, Sasuke had to use the last option available to him, Curse Seal Level 2. By the time Sasuke went Level 2, Naruto’s body was already beginning to fatigue. However, the two were still an even match. The final move of the fight was a second Chidori vs Rasengan. Sasuke’s Chidori was black, while Naruto’s Rasengan had bits of red in it, and was used without a Kage Bunshin. The winner of this clash of attacks was Sasuke, who decided at that moment that he would gain power his own way, instead of playing into Itachi’s hands.

It was a bit of a sad scene to see Sasuke walking in the rain by himself, and so injured, but it was nice to see that he is at least following his own road. The fact that he chose to leave Naruto alive definitely shows that he is still a good person and that he still thinks of Naruto as his friend. In the end, it looks like Sasuke was the winner, but Naruto put up a great fight.



At first it seems as though Lee’s taijutsu would be ineffective because of Gaara’s Shield of Sand, a wall of sand that automatically rises to protect Gaara regardless of his will. Lee soon reveals that he has been wearing heavy leg weights and removes them, allowing him to move faster than before and to ultimately bypass Gaara’s sand. Lee attempts his Front Lotus.

Lee’s target was actually only a decoy – a hollow clone made of sand. Gaara reappears and fights Lee, who is now weak from using his Front Lotus again. Lee quickly recovers this time, demonstrating his ability to open the Second Gate. He then powers himself up by opening the Third and Fourth Gates, frightening even Gaara.

Lee’s speed proved too much for Gaara, and his sand was no longer able to form a shield fast enough to be of use. Lee opened the Fifth Gate, and used his most powerful attack, Reverse Lotus. Unfortunately for Lee, Gaara survived this final blow due to him softening his fall by turning his gourd into sand, and used the sand to crush Lee’s left arm and leg. Gaara moved his sand to finish Lee, but Guy jumped in to protect his student. Lee, although unconscious due to the pain, rose to continue the battle, his desire to win fueling his broken body. Guy wept at Lee’s dedication, and Lee was taken away to recover.

The fight was awesome. It was simply epic, and in my opinion, even though Gaara officially won that fight, the real winner was Lee because he showed what an amazing powerful ninja he is using only taijutsu. He definitely took Gaara and all of us by surprise here. We also got another little taste of just how terrifying Gaara could be.



This battle is number one on my list because it is a beautiful fight to watch, and makes me tremble with excitement.

Rock Lee’s surgery went well, but according to Tsunade he was supposed to take it easy. To make matters worse Rock Lee accidentally took an elixir (yeah, I’ll get to that later) mistaking it for his medicine.

Two of the funniest moments including Rock Lee stopping the fight to take the medicine – it was more surprising for some reason that Kimimaro let him. The other moment was watching Lee take his medicine – which is actually the elixir – and calling it the worst tasting medicine he’s had and proceed to get all loopy and crazy.

A loopy Lee is a funny Lee. Not only was Lee the funniest he’s ever been, but his loopy style was amazing to watch in action. Kimimaro vs. Rock Lee ended up being graphically one of the best fights to watch. Rock Lee’s movements are captured in great shots and the fluidity of his movements is a pleasure to watch. The unconventional movements of Lee really seemed to throw off Kimimaro off. It was funny to see Kimimaro’s reaction to Lee’s new behavior and how powerful he had gotten. Kimimaro seemed to fall for every trick in the Loopy style handbook. Lee actually managed to get off hits on Kimimaro. While Lee was getting off hits, Kimimaro didn’t seem to be able to feel the pain nor did he seem to get damaged at all, which makes him a very big problem.

Then Gaara took Lee’s place and started fighting. While Gaara has changed as a person he unfortunately for Kimimaro hasn’t changed at all as a fighter and is still just as deadly as they come. Gaara is somewhat the most complex fighter to fight, because it’s nearly impossible for someone to get in close to him due to the protection he has from the sand. So Kimimaro’s game plan is basically to attempt to get in close which proves to be a lot harder then he probably thought.

With nothing left to lose since Kimimaro can’t get in close he powers his cursed seal to level two and transforms like his comrades before him. He’s incredibly fast now, so fast Gaara’s sand can’t grab on to him. Kimimaro shows how hardcore he is by using his spine to wrap around Gaara. Gaara shows us two new moves. The first being when he’s able to conjure up a defense shield resembling Shukaku the sand spirit. The second being when he turn his sand into quicksand pushing Kimimaro further and further down into the earth. Kimimaro doesn’t give up though as he manages to somehow drive sharp bone spikes up through the earth. The ending shows Gaara almost get killed, but by luck Kimimaro succumbs to his crippling body disease and dies. It’s not a pretty sight and you feel sorry for Kimimaro.


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