Top 10 Rich Anime Characters That Even Put Bill Gates to Shame


Anime is filled with the adventures of the super rich and has loads of characters with money as a key defining characteristic.

In anime, just like the real world, sometimes money is power. So check out our list of top 10 rich anime characters, some of them might even put Bill Gates to shame!

10. Akihiko Kayaba from Sword Art Online

Top 10 Rich Anime Characters That Even Put Bill Gates to Shame
Top 10 Rich Anime Characters That Even Put Bill Gates to Shame

Akihiko created the Nerve Gear as a way of accessing the virtual reality world Sword Art Online. This virtual reality helmet effectively transports the user’s mind into the virtual world of the video, causing an immersive experience like none ever seen before.

This new, exciting technology made him very rich very fast. Unfortunately, he also turned out to be something of a mad scientist who wanted to play god.

9. Mr. Outside from Eden of the East

Not just anyone can give 12 strangers 10 billion yen to save Japan. There’s also his ridiculous political clout to consider. How did he get the prime minister to say “uncle”?

8. Lala Satalin Deviluke from To LOVE-Ru

Lala is the princess of the alien world Deviluke. As the princess of an entire planet, it is not hard to image that she is loaded. But despite growing up with a life of wealth, she is not so attached to money that it controls her life.

7. Roger Smith from The Big O

Roger Smith, the playboy millionaire, is the anime equivalent of Bruce Wayne by not only resembling Bruce quite a bit, but by also having his own version of a bat cave that holds his “Megadeus,” Giant robot named, “Big O”.

On top of his massive amount of wealth, this single rich boy has a difficult job that requires him to fight both hand to hand combat, as well as with other Megadeus’ by using Big O.


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