Top 10 Most Stylish Anime Characters in Real Life


What if Anime Characters live among us in real life? Though losing the super powers, it doesn’t stop them being great cool as they still share a stylish, charming outlook.

So who should be the top 10 most stylish anime characters in real life? Let’s take a look.

10. Nicolas D. Wolfwood

Nicolas D. WolfwoodNicolas D. Wolfwood

Anime Series: Trigun

The epitome of “speak softly and carry a big stick,” this spiritual, smoking assassin was hardly seen without his Punisher, the literal cross on his back.

With his wayfarer shades and dark navy suit, the brown oxford shoes went well with the rest of his killer ensemble.

9. Aburame Shino

Aburame ShinoAburame Shino

Anime Series: Naruto

Time skips be damned, Shino was always the coolest ninja of Konohagakure. As an entry-level Genin he was often seen in a high-collar coat and his trademark circular shades.

When he became a Chunin after the time skip, a teenage Shino channeled a goth ninja vibe in his hooded jacket, while maintaining his high-collared steez from his previous iteration.

8. Yasutora Sado

Yasutora SadoYasutora Sado

Anime Series: Bleach

Sado gets this spot because of his amazing burgundy motorcycle jacket. He’s also not afraid to rock cream-colored pants, nor does he stray from patterned shirts.

Also, given that he’s Mexican, he also has Affirmative Action on his side. Just a little, though.

7. Hanamichi Sakuragi

Hanamichi SakuragiHanamichi Sakuragi

Anime Series: Slam Dunk

Shohoku High School’s all-star player is on this list for one reason only: his sneaker game. Their jerseys were very much based on the Chicago Bulls, but you can’t deny that he was definitely balling in Jordans.

From the Black/Red Jordan 1s to the White/Varsity Red Jordan VIs, Sakuragi’s OG collection would put most sneakerheads to shame.

6. Ryoma Echizen

Ryoma EchizenRyoma Echizen

Anime Series: Prince of Tennis

Seigaku’s tennis phenom had a style as strong as his forehand. The track jacket and hat he always wore was pretty cool, as were the Agassi-like colorblocked polo shirts he clowned fools on the court in.

Besides that, he’s also sported gear like white cafe racers and jean jackets, proving that even out of his uniform, he can still land some aces.

5. Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi KudoShinichi Kudo

Anime Series: Detective Conan

It’s too bad this master detective found himself reverted to the age of a child, but at least he knew how to clean up respectably. That means throwing on a bowtie and blue sportcoat, and some smart-looking round glasses.

Sometimes he switched it up with contrast-collar shirts and even hoodies and T-shirts, but the round glasses and cow-licked hair remained style staples.

4. Satoshi/Ash Ketchum

Satoshi/Ash KetchumSatoshi/Ash Ketchum

Anime Series: Pokemon

For every kid that wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was-that meant getting a pair of cuffed jeans, a trucker hat, and a vest. Fingerless gloves sealed the deal.

Ash’s style tended to mirror Justin Bieber’s in a way, getting a little cheesy futuristic as the series went on. The first Ash outfit was hands down the best-and most memorable.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo KurosakiIchigo Kurosaki

Anime Series: Bleach

What’s up goth ninjas? Ichigo Kurosaki is your anime style icon. As a Soul Reaper, his outfit combines elements of Japanese traditonal dress and suiting in a Takahiro Miyashita-esque way, so kind of awesome.

His regular duds weren’t too shabby either, and included fur-lined parkas and long, drapey T-shirts. Probably made by Rick Owens, but we can’t verify that.

2. Future Trunks

Future TrunksFuture Trunks

Anime Series: Dragon Ball Z

Future Trunks was like, the dude you saw as a kid and thought “holy crap he looks awesome!” And in his time, he did.

The middle part, the sword on the back of his awesome leather jacket, and his impratical pointy boots. It was like how every 10-year-old wanted to dress.

1. Sanji


Anime Series: One Piece

He may be a chef, but he also knows the recipe for a good wardrobe. His gold-buttoned double-breasted suit is proof of that, but his mastery of style can is evidenced in the striped shirt he wears underneath.

Here’s a guy who knows a thing or two about contrast. Like all proper style icons, he also smokes like a chimney.


Is there any anime character that you think is much more stylish in real life than these top 10? Let us know!



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