Top 10 Upcoming Anime New Season 2018

➡Rosario Vampire Season 3 Releasing date
➡Akame ga kill season 2 Releasing date
➡Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Releasing date
➡Triage X Season 2 Releasing date
➡Fairy Tail Season 8 Releasing date
➡Sword Art Online Releasing date
➡Gravity Falls Season 3 Releasing date
➡Sekerei Season 3 Releasing date
➡Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Releasing date
➡Keijo Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Haganai Season 3 Releasing Date
➡Charlotte Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Absolute Duo Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Maken-ki Season 3 Releasing Date
➡Erased Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Senran Kagura Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Rakudai kishi No cavalry Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Undefeated Bhamut Chronicles Season 2 Releasing Date
➡The Seven Deadly sins Season 2
➡Noragami Season 3 Releasing Date
➡Parasyte Season 2 Releasing Date
➡Code Geass R3 Releasing Date
➡YowaMushi Pedal Season 2 Releasing Date
➡No Game No Life Movie Releasing Date
▶AMVs of Highschool DxD and many more Anime
▶Anime Vines and Cracks

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New Anime That’ll Blow You Away In 2018


  1. 1, Highschool of the dead season 2 English Dubbed
    2, Date a live movie mayuri judgment
    English Dubbed
    3, rakudai kishi no cavalry season 2 English dubbed
    4, Shinmai maou no testament season 2 English Dubbed
    5, jitsu wa watashi wa English dubbed
    6, Masou gakuen HxH English dubbed
    7, Seiken tsukai no work season 2 English Dubbed
    8, Shomin sample season 2 English Dubbed
    These animes I want to see

    • When will Charlotte season 2 and noragami season 3 be out it is already Aug in 2018. I think they will come out in early 2019 or Dec 2018. But I can’t wait !

    • some says it will come out this 2019 and some says it got cancelled and the s1 is rushed (buttock on titan and gate of bootylon is supposed to come out in s2 but……)

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