Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

The kiss is rarely shown in anime, because it is often something really special and shows two main protagonists going through a lot emotionally until the actual kiss. They often go through a sort of emotional roller coaster until the characters need to come together and show their true feelings. Which makes the kiss scene in anime as important and emotional as in a movie on the big screen.

This list contains a mix of epic kisses which makes it a really interesting Top 10 to be doing, because everyone out there has their own special kiss between their favorite anime characters.

1st Moment – Naruto

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Naruto is a anime about ninjas, friendship and working hard towards a goal. But it also contains one awesome kiss as well. More of a really funny kiss but nevertheless it needs to be on this list. Uzumaki Naruto and his rival Uchiha Sasuke have just started the ninja academy where they will train to become powerful ninjas. Sasuke is your all classical silent tough guy and is really popular with all the ladies. While Naruto is the practical prankster of the class and the whole town.

It’s a really funny mistake that happens when Naruto is sitting on the desk in front of Sasuke as they glare at each other giving each other mean looks. All of a sudden, Naruto loses his balance, trips forward and Naruto and Sasuke kiss. All the girls got so mad because it was Sasuke’s first kiss that Naruto stole.

2nd Moment – Steins;Gate

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Steins;Gate is about The eccentric scientist Okabe, his childhood friend Mayuri and the otaku hacker Daru. They have created a Laboratory for future technology and spend most of their time hanging out in the lab and inventing new gadgets. The only invention they created that is interesting is the Phone Microwave, which they later discover it can send text messages to the past.

Steins;Gate has a more serious touch in story and character development. The actual kiss between Makise and Okabe is really beautiful, with the lightning coming from the window and how their slowly giving into each others emotions.

3rd Moment – Eden of the East

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Eden of the East has a rather different story. On November 22, 2010, ten missiles hit Japan. This terrorist act, later known as Careless Monday, did not have any victims and it is quickly forgotten. 3 months later, Saki Morimi, a young woman living in the United States of America is on her graduation trip in front of the White House in Washington DC. She gets into trouble but one of her fellow countrymen saves her. However, this strange man called Akira Takizawa, seems to have lost his memory, completely naked, and is holding a gun in one hand. In the other hand, he holds a phone that is charged with 8,200,000,000 yen.

About the kiss in this anime, it is as unexpected as the story is for this anime. It’s a really cute and nice kiss and the audience looks pretty much the same as Saki Morimi. Totally in shock from the cute kiss that she receives from Akira Takizawa.

4th Moment – Full Metal Panic

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

An anime about Sousuke Sagara, a seventeen year old military specialist, who works for the secret organization MITHRIL. His mission is to protect the latest “Whispered’’ candidate Kanami Chidori, which is not so easy because he needs to protect her and get used to living an average school student life. Not so easy for someone raised on the battlefield.

This kiss between Kanami Chidori and Sousuke Sagara is very emotional and it’s that kind of kiss where the girl is all concerned about the boy, but first yells at him. Later she ends up in tears and the only way to express their feelings further is through a simple, but emotional kiss.

5th Moment – Honey and Clover

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi and Morita Shinobu are college students who share a small apartment. Like college students are known for, they live in poverty. But the three of them live life to the fullest with the pleasures of the small things in life. The anime follows these three characters life stories as poor college students, but also their love life when a small, gifted 18 year old girl named Hanamoto Hagumi, makes an appearance.

This is a really nice kiss because it is so extremely cute and hilarious with the male protagonists reactions after the kiss. Even when he sprints away from her, the reaction of Hagumi just standing there with the muffler covering all of her face.

6th Moment – Itazura na Kiss

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Ever since Kotoko Aihara entered high school, she always wanted to be in the same class as Naoki Irie. The only problem is that Irie is the smartest student and Kotoko is the dumbest. She is now in her 3rd year at the school and she still isn’t close to her goal. But one day her home gets destroyed and the only place left to stay is at Irie’s home. Now that she lives so close to him, will it just be the same-old-same-old between them, or will something great happen?

This kiss is also one of the so called “surprise kisses,” but a really good one. Kotoko is so surprised by the kiss that she is just gazing and can’t believe what’s happening. First, Kotoko is at tears saying she just wants to forget him and the thought of college. Irie’s answer is, “Then go ahead and try”. And he slowly leans in for the kiss.

7th Moment – Lovely Complex

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Lovely Complex revolves around the relationship between a girl who’s taller than normal and a boy who’s shorter than the average anime protagonist. The story is a mix of humor and drama. Koizumi Risa and Atsushi Otani have always been friends and have been known as a comedy duo, but as their friendship goes on, so do their feelings.

The thing that is different about this kiss is that it is the boy who admits and explains to the girl in the best way possible how he really feels about her. The kiss is a big surprise in a really great way. They sit down, there are fireworks in the background, and you can hear Otani’s voice, Koizumi? She answers, turns her head, and then their lips meet.

8th Moment – Kaichou wa Maid Sama

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

The anime is about Misaki Ayuzawa who is the first female student council president at a once all boys school, but now turned to a coed school. She is a very strict person, but she has a secret. She works at a maid café due to her family’s circumstances. One lovely day, one of the popular students, a notorious heart-breaker Takumi Usui, discover her secret. He makes a deal with her in order not to tell everyone else about it and all he demands is that she spends some time with him.

A really awesome kiss, their both on the schools rooftop and out of the blue, Usui grabs Ayuzawa and just kisses her and then explains his true feelings. A shocking kiss that is also the reason he jumps off the roof.

9th Moment – Sword Art Online

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

The anime is about a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online game in the near future. The games is called Sword Art Online, and the players control their avatar through brain waves using a technology called NerveGear. But to everyones surprise, when they enter and log into the game, they cannot log out. The scary part is, if they die in the game, they die in real life.

This kiss is really emotional and sweet because of the previous fight, which took place before the kiss. Because of that, it makes the kiss special for the viewers and both main protagonists. Making the kiss mean so much more for Kirito and Asuna.

10th Moment – Toradora

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

Even though Ryuji Takasu has a gentle personality, his eyes make him look intimidating. Class rearrangements put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. With this, comes Kushieda’s best friend, Taiga Aisaka, who has a delicate appearance with a brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love life as long as he helps her.

A very cute and sweet kiss, also a highly emotional moment. The lightning and the music helps a lot to set the mood for this scene. It displays as something really innocent and beautiful. You can really feel the connection between Ryuuji and Taiga.

Top 10Memorable Anime Kissing Scenes That Pull Our Heartstrings

There we go! It was not an easy task to decide which kiss deserved the number 1 spot, but I am really sure Toradora! sits really good up there as number 1. Of course, it was really tough to decide a so called “winner,” but as we all know, there are so many other great anime out there with great kisses.

I hope you guys liked it?! Be sure to let us know in the comments what anime kiss scene you like the most.

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