New best Anime games for android & iOS 2018.

Anime means Japanese animation in case if you don’t know.

some of the newest games for anime fans I’ll make more in future hope you all find some good to play.

You can also get this games on qooapp or taptap

Following are games name & link:-

1)Onmyoji- English version is available but server wasn’t working properly:-

2)Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team:-

3)Magic Banned Directory (A Certain Magical Index):-

4)Line Bleach Paradise Lost:-


6)Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War:

7)My Hero Academia Smash Tap

8)Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage:-

9)Idolmaster SideM Live On Stage:-

10)Tales of Rays:-

11)Pokemon Academy:-

12)Project Tokyo Dolls:-

13)Mobile Suit Gundam:-

14)Sword Art Online Integral Factor:-

Top 10 New Anime Games For Android – iOS 2018 (English)

Ranking the latest Anime games released on Android and iOS that you can play in 2018, which is your favorite? Don’t forget to drop a like!


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