Welcome to my Top 10 Best Adult Anime. In this list you will find the most provoking plot, the true shocking events and some visuals that sometimes break the norm.

Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.

The thumbnail is from rank #8 D-Frag! Part of episode 4, check it out yo, it’s good.

TOP 10 Best Adult Relationship Anime

Welcome to this week’s Top 10. This time i wanted to cover Adult Relationship. Don’t worry it’s only Pg-13 stuff… or i mean do worry if you were expecting more, this is still YouTube so i gotta keep it kid friendly. There’s are shows that focused on character past high school which i feel like is 80% of the anime nowadays. Hopefully you guys are gonna enjoy these picks as much as i did! 😀

The thumbnail is from rank #18 Dance in the Vampire Bund, it’s at 4:38 and it’s from episode 7.

For those still wondering about my accent : i’m French Canadian 🙂 my english is not perfect but it has to do. ^^

Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.


Song is ►Nobunaga – Doku Ringo to Cinderella (poison apple and cinderella)


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