Top 20 Iconic Japanese Superheroes in Childhood Memory

10. Honey Kisaragi

It follows an 16-year-old android girl named Honey Kisaragi, who transforms into the busty, red or pink-haired heroine Cutie Honey to fight against the assorted villains that threaten her or her world.

11. Inazuman

Inazuman is, in reality, young college student Goro Watari, a mutant. He lost his mother as a child and had other dark moments in his childhood. He had a childhood girlfriend named Teresa who was taken away by an American soldier during the US occupation of Japan. However when the Neo-Human Empire Phantom Army begins its attacks on mankind with its Phantom Soldiers and Mutant Robots, he puts his psionic powers to the test.

12. Japanese Spiderman

In 1978, Spiderman was licensed by a Japanese TV production company. A total of 41 episodes were produced. As you might imagine — it was very different from the American version.

Japanese Spiderman has a giant robot called Leopardon he controls.

13. Gekko Kamen (Moonlight Mask)

Japan’s top superhero of the 1950s. Gekko Kamen had a secret identity (it’s never revealed who he is). The actor in the Moonlight Mask TV series and movies is only credited with a “?”.

The Moonlight Mask wears a turban over his face. He’s armed with a ninja star (shuriken), whip, two six-shooters and two boomerangs. He rides a motorcycle.

14. Ogon Bat (Golden Bat)

Ogon Bat was first published as a Japanese pulp fiction way back in 1930. He’s the first Japanese Superhero.

Ogon Bat is a protector sent forward in time from Atlantis. He has a staff that can cause earthquakes or shoot energy bolts.

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