Top 20 Iconic Japanese Superheroes in Childhood Memory

15. Cyborg 009

A team of superheroes led by Joe Shimamura — a delinquent half-Japanese teenager. Joe is a cyborg who can move so fast that everyone else appears to be perfectly still.

16. Tetsuo Shima (Akira)

A human with immense psychic powers. He has mental problems that get worse the more he uses his abilities. In King Of Fighters, K9999, a clone from Kyo is entirely based on Tetsuo Shima from Akira, able to transform his arm into a long tentacle like Tetsuo’s.

17. Megaloman

This series features a superhero quintet similar to those seen in the Super Sentai Series, but just like in Zone Fighter, the team’s leader/main character Takashi Shishidou transforms into a giant long-haired Ultraman-like colossus, Megaloman, a guy who studies martial arts and is secretly from another planet giving him superhuman strength.

18. Super Robot Red Baron (スーパーロボット レッドバロン)

The show is set in the early 21st century where the Iron Masked Party, lead by Dr. Devilar, steals giant robots built all over the world from an exhibition and kidnap their creators to form a “Robot Empire”.

Scientist Kenichiro Kurenai, foreseeing his capture, turns over his own super robot, Red Baron, to his younger brother Ken Kureinai. Ken is a member of SSI (Secret Science Investigation), a highly skill team of scientists that practice ninjitsu, and uses Red Baron to aid the team in their efforts to stop the Iron Masked Party from taking over the world.

19. Mirrorman

A photojournalist named Kyotaro Kagami discovers a secret from his past: his father is an alien superhero around another dimension called Mirrorman. His mother was a normal human.

Therefore, Kyotaro Kagami has only half of Mirrorman’s superpowers. He must use them to defend earth from alien invaders.

20. Kikaider

A Japanese superhero from the early 1970s who was (strangely) more popular in Hawaii than Japan. Kikaider is a humanoid robot with a conscience circuit.

The anime adaptation of the Japanese superhero Kikaider, was produced by Sony Animation and broadcast on Kids Station from October 16, 2000 to January 8, 2001, with a total of 13 episodes. The anime followed more of the manga, with a darker nature of Jiro’s reason to exist.



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