Top Chinese Animation You Should Watch

List of Anime

17. Taking a perfect husband home (国民老公带回家) 【English Sub available】
16. Spirit pact / Soul Contract (灵契)【English Sub available】
15. Cupid’s Chocolate (爱神巧克力)【English Sub available】
14. Chao Shen Xue Yuan (超神学院) 【English Sub available (some episodes)】
13. Beyond the Worlds (幻镜诺德琳) 【English Sub available (some episodes)】
12.Rakshasa Street (镇魂街) 【English Sub available】
11. Xiang Lin Ji (降灵记)
10. Lu’s time (撸时代) 【English Sub available】
9. Twin spirit detectives (双生灵探) 【English Sub available】
8. Wan Gu Xian Qiong (万古仙穹)
7. The Young Imperial Guards (少年锦衣卫) 【English Sub available (some episodes)】
6. Hei Bai Wu Shuang (黑白无双)
5. To Be Hero (凸变英雄) 【English Sub available】
4. NanoCore (纳米核心) 【English Sub available (some episodes)】
3. Fox Spirit Matchmaker (狐妖小红娘) 【English Sub available】
2. Quan Zhi Gao Shou / The King’s Avatar (全职高手) 【English Sub available】
1. Tian Xing Jiu Ge (天行九歌)

Music used:
0:00-0:08: (song:半道英雄)
Spiritpact: (song:无限大) ;(singer:鱼椒盐)
Xiang ling ji: (song:不负);(singer:凤冴Sae)
Twin spirit detectives : (song:双生灵探);(singer:李丁丁)
Lu‘s time : (song:超越极限);(singer:南征北战)
Heibai wushuang:(song:Meaning);(singer:袁野)
To be hero: (song:执念) ;(singer:刘畅)
Fox spirit match maker:(song:若当来世);(singer:冥月 / mario)
Tian xing jiu ge:(song:天行九歌);(singer:霍尊)

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