Top Ten Fastest Anime Characters

As we know that every one has a favourite anime character. Some like strongest, some like intelligent and some like the fastest characters. In animes there is a tough competition among characters every one wants to know who is the fastest character so after surveying a list of top 10 fastest animes character came!! Are you excited to find out that who is the fastest character ? So lets start in decreasing order.

10 – Racer


Racer is from Fairy Tail. In anime he is one of the memeber of dark guild knows as Oracion Seis. Racer is tall man he uses magic named as slowing magic which allows him to move at a very fast speed.

9 – Raikage [A]


Raikage is from Naruto Shippuden. He is strong in physcial attacks. His Taijutsu is on a complete differnet level and he can enhance his chakra to increase his speed and he was considered as the second fastest character in Naruto. Though Naruto surpassed him to.

8 – Yoruichi Shihion


Yoruichi is a female character from Bleach. She is one of the fastest character in bleach who can use techniques like flash steps. When she moves people say Goddess of Flash Dances. She was shown as cat in the start of anime.

7 – Kirito


Kirito is main character from Sword Art Online Anime moreover Sword Art online got alot popularity in its first year and is considered as the Best anime of 2012. Kirito is a double sword user. He can cut a bullet in half with its sword no matter where bulet is aimed. This speedy reaction makes him one of the fastest character.

6 – Naruto Uzumaki


A knuckle head ninja whose dream is to become the hokage is also one of the fastest character.Naruto in his Biju Form using Nine Tail Chakara was able to cross Fourth Raikage who was considered as the fastest character in naruto verse.

5 – Kurosaki Ichigo


A substitute Shinigami in his bankai form is amazingly fast whose steps are unpredictable and above all his complete Hollow form known as vasto lorde is just unbeatable and his final getsuga tensho tenchnique is an instant slash literaaly impossible to inavde which also makes him one of strongest character.

4 – Goku


Goku is main character from Dragon Ball Z the Famous anime of all times.Goku Insatnt Transmisson Technique Allows him to move through space, moreover in his Super saiyan 4 form he is surprisingly fast.

3 – Monkey D Luffy


A boy who wants to become the King of Pirates. I like alot characters but luffy is one of my favourite character (No Offense). In his Gear second his is fast enough to be on pair with any character in speed.

2 – Enel and Kizaru


Its a tie here Both of them are from One Piece First one is Enel. He was the former God of Skypia. He ate Logia type Fruit Know as Goro Goro No Mi which alows him to transform his body into lightning.


The Second one is Kizaru. He is on admiral Rank in Marine. He also ate logia type fruit known as Pika Pika No Mi Means Light he can move at the speed of light and we all know how light moves…

1 – Minato Namikaze


Here comes the fastest character yeah with no doubts he is Yondaime Hokage of konoha. He is also know as the Yellow flash of Konoha, he was able to defeat fourth raikage in speed. Flying Thunder God is the technique which makes him the fastest character moreover he is considered as the strongest and coolest Shinobi in Naruto Verse.

 Your Thoughts?

What are your views on this this list do you have any character who deserves to be in top 10 feel free to comment and let us know..


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  1. nope Goku should be number 1. the idea of fast is to travel/move from one place to another and the only person who can travel from one planet/star to another is goku (which takes light years)

  2. Tobirama himself said in the 4th great ninja war that Minato Namizake is better than him at it.
    What about Naruto six Paths?

  3. Honestly,I disagree with number one. And I really do feel irritated with the list on almost every post excluding this character and such ( They’re either ignoring his capabilities or serious underrating them ) but number 1: has to be Enrico Pucci. His speed is infinite and he accelerated time in the universe till the point he just rebooted the series.

  4. When JJBA Stone Ocean anime releases jojo fans be like: PUCCI IS CLEARLY FASTER THAN ALL OF THEM