Top Ten Most Disturbing Anime Scenes In History – Updated 2018

Today we are going to go through the 10 most disturbing anime scenes. We picked out our favourites and added some videos for your entertainment but I do warn you that there will be spoilers so be careful before clicking to watch.

10. Nina and the Table (Code Geass)

Nina Einstein is a shy and quiet girl who idolizes Princess Euphemia. She used to rely on the Princess for emotional support to the point of obsession. One particular scene that demonstrates this is when Nina services herself under the table using Euphemia’s picture.

9. Death of Mizuno Sanae (Another)

Another is not fond of happy endings with the series revolving around death and tragedy. Mizuno Sanae’s death is one of the most memorable death in this anime. While we see maniacal deaths, Sanae’s quick death captured what might’ve happened in reality.

8. Death by Acid (Gantz)

Gantz is one of the most peculiar anime series out there. An entity called Gantz kills the players in his own game with a strong acid that can melt almost anything. Kei Kishimoto died when the acid fell on the middle of her body, melting her in half.

7. Beating a dog to death (Elfen Lied)

A death of a human is not an unusual scene on anime shows. However, when an animal dies in an anime, it feels like a salt rubbed in the wound for the audiences. That is why when Lucy killed the bullies that killed her puppy, the majority of the users are surprisingly satisfied.

6. Necrophilia (Hellsing)

When recounting the worst day of her life, Seras Victoria had something to slay on the day of your first heartbreak or your worst day ever. She watched her parents die only to get gunned after. And that doesn’t stop there, as she was forced to watch the evildoers r-pe her mother’s corpse afterward.

5. Nina Tucker and Alexander (Full Metal Alchemist)

Oops. did I trigger a nerve elsewhere? Nina Tucker and Alexander’s fate is a well-known tragedy in the world of anime. When her father decided to use her and her beloved dog as an experiment and created a chimera, it took the audiences to a whole level of “that escalated quickly”.

4. Teacher’s suicide in front of the class (Another)

The perfect horror for students is when the teacher tells the class to bring out a sheet of paper for a surprise exam. However, Another decided to bring the school life into another horror film when a teacher suddenly brought a knife to his throat in front of his whole class. His blood was splattered everywhere, which added horror to his class.

3. Tetsuo’s Transformation (Akira)

Akira is one of the pioneers of modern animation. The scenes from this movie is a gem compared to the animations seen in the time. One particular scene that is an animation gem (as well as horrifyingly disturbing) is when Tetsuo mutates into a big pile of flesh. He nearly covered the whole stadium before the real Akira flipped him out and sent him to another dimension where he became his own universe.

2. Goosh Goosh (Tokyo Tribe 2)

Buppa is an antagonist in Tokyo Tribe 2. He is infamous because of the Goosh Goosh video. In this video, he reaped one boy until the boy dies. It was never shown physically, but the audio of the scene (and the boy’s scream) will give you shivers.

1. Ending (School Days)

This anime is already messed up from the start. However, what makes it more horrific is the ending. Makoto was killed by his mistress when she heard that he and his official girlfriend are together again. He was repeatedly stabbed the day before he is supposed to take his girlfriend on a yacht trip. Finding him lying in his house dead, his girlfriend seeks the mistress to revenge his death. At the end of the series, the yacht trip commenced while his girlfriend clutched his severed head tightly around her chest. If that’s not disturbing, then I don’t know what it is.

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