Upcoming ‘Crayon Shin-Chan’ Film Releases New Visual and Trailer!


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The Crayon Shin-chan anime may not be as popular as it used to be in the United States, but the series is stronger than ever in Japan. In fact, the series will soon be releasing the 27th film in the franchise.

Preparing for its release in Japan next April, the new Shin-chan film has released a new trailer which seems to take some cues from the Indiana Jones franchise.

Directed by Masakazu Hashimoto, who had previously directed the three Crayon Shin-Chan films before this, Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Honeymoon Hurricane, Lost Hiroshi officially opens in Japan on April 19.

When the family goes to Australia for a family-friendly honeymoon outing, Shin’s father Hiroshi is kidnapped by some mysterious enemies. Now Shin and his family suddenly find themselves wrapped in a much more dangerous predicament than they would have cared for.

The voice cast for the series will be returning for the film, but this will be the first film for new Shin voice actress Yumiko Kobayashi. Kobayashi replaced former voice actress Akiko Yajima when she retired after portraying the character for 26 years. Kimiko Ueno and Munenori Mizuno will write the script for the film, with Shin-Ei Animation, TV Asashi, ADK, and Futabasha producing.

The trailer for the film features a few memorable moments, and seeing Shin-chan in Indiana Jones’ famous outfit is certainly eye-catching. One can imagine the kinds of shenanigans Shin will get into now that he’s gone all in on that persona, whip in hand.

For those unfamilar with Crayon Shin-Chan, the manga first debuted in Weekly Manga Action magazine in 1990. Unfortunately, the original manga has come to an end after the passing of series creator Yoshito Usui. But the anime adaptation of the series began airing in 1992 and is still running to this day. The series follows the misadventures of Shinnosuke Nohara (nicknamed “Shin”) and his family and friends. It is known for mining its humor from crude, inappropriate content and misuse of the Japanese language.

The series even featured a bit of a revival when it received a new short series from Amazon. Inspired by the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Amazon Prime Video Japan added a 13 episode series titled Crayon Shin-Chan: Lone Wolf and Family. It serves as the third season of the series, and has many of the same barbs and jokes that made the original series famous.


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