[Video] The first look at the live-action Attack on Titan movie


The live-action Attack on Titan movie drew mixed reactions from fans when the live-action cast were featured in their costumes. However, during a morning variety show in Japan, they showed a feature on the live-action movie version, and it drew a lot of praise so far.


The video showed a smoke-filled silhouette of the massive Colossal Titan, which will be two times bigger than its 50m anime and manga counterparts. It also features actress Satomi Ishihara as Hanji Zoe, Haruma Miura as Eren Yeager, and Kiko Mizuhara as Mikasa Ackerman.

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The movie is supervised by Isayama himself and will be spilt in two parts. Like the Rurouni Kenshin sequel movies, they will be shown in Japan simultaneously in the same season, which is Summer 2015.



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