Vietnamese lady cosplaying as SAR-21 anime character gives new meaning to ‘Rifle Wife’

The Singapore Assault Rifle (SAR-21) was re-imagined as an anime character some time back.

Well, now you can actually see her in the flesh because a Vietnamese lady took on the challenge of cosplaying as her.

The SAR-21 character is part of a digital strategy game called Girl’s Frontline, developed by MICA Team, a Chinese gaming company.

The premise is that there are a number of female anime-looking androids, each representing a real-life gun.

For example, the US-made Springfield Rifle is depicted as a green-eyed girl wearing a uniform reminiscent of the Union Army during the American Civil War.

SAR-21’s outfit looks like a strange mix of school uniform and tactical vest.

“Rifle wife”

The cosplayer in question is Huỳnh Thảo and goes by the moniker Sayo Momo.

In taking on the persona of SAR-21, Huỳnh Thảo has this to say:

“Rifle Wife” with all fetish gather in one XD. You can’t (sic) never resist a cute short hair girl with glasses and thick thighs ❤ especialy (sic) when she have gun on her hand 😛

According to her post, the photos were taken by Kim Mantos Photography.

Here are the photos of Huỳnh Thảo as SAR-21:

We understand that other cosplayers have also tried their hand playing the anthropomorphic rifle, but Sayo’s seems to be the most prolific one so far.

Here’s a video of Huỳnh Thảo dancing as SAR-21:

Comments by netizens are mostly:

One person even suggested ways to improve her costume:

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