What Was The Rocky Port Incident? Law & Koby – One Piece Theory

How did the Rocky Port incident play out and was it these events that led to Law’s bounty increase and Koby’s promotion?

ROCKY PORT INCIDENT?! WEEVIL NO LONGER A SHICHIBUKAI?! | One Piece Chapter 903 Manga Review | ワンピース


When they were introducing the new Shichibukai, for Law they said he was the mastermind behind the “Worst Generation” Rockey Port Incident. I’m wondering what you guys think this is.

Personally i think that since Law is willing to ally himself with an enemy to take down another stronger enemy, and since Akainu is more aggressive in the New World.

I think maybe a few of the Supernovas might have gathered together to hit a target important to the world government and when they hit that target a huge fight broke out involving an Admiral.

Also side not that if Kidd was at the incident then i think he lost his arm there.

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