Whatever happened to the other Naruto characters after the manga ended? New epilogue novels reveal their fates

Have you ever wondered what happened to Kakashi, Shikamaru, Gaara, and others in the period between chapters 699 and 700 of the now-concluded Naruto manga? The 8th issue of this year’s Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine will reveal six (6) new original epilogue novels which will focus on several characters of the manga and what happened to them in the period between the final two chapters. A bit of a warning though, SPOILERS AHEAD


The first novel, to be released this February 4, will focus on Kakashi, who despite being the 6th Hokage, experiences a bit of melancholy. The Shikamaru Hiden novel hints at Shikamaru’s battle with the “Strongest Genjutsu user” while the Akatsuki Hiden novel promises to reveal the “truth about Akatsuki”.

The Gaara Hiden novel meanwhile is a bit more interesting as the young Kazekage is hinted to experience something he has never encountered before… LOVE! And speaking of love, Sakura Hiden is hinting on the results of Sakura’s feelings, which may or may not reveal how she ended up with Sasuke.

Finally, the Konohagakure Hiden novel would reveal what happened to the other Konoha ninjas like Rock Lee, Kiba, and Shino after the end of the original manga series.




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  1. Who cares? I’m just glad that becoming-crap story finally ended. I was beginning to fear they’re going to continue making the naruto storyline untill he’s 100 (and the neverfinding sasuke drama, neverending parade of new villains and old traitors, neversolving what-would-happen-next, etc. etc.)

  2. I care and everybody who are fans of Naruto so SHUT UP.. cause if you don’t like Naruto it doesn’t mean that you have to comment such rubbish and why do you even read about Naruto if you don’t care about it? -.-