When Does Dragon Ball Super Return?

When Does Dragon Ball Super Return?

Dragon Ball Super was a big hit ever since it came out; the dragon ball franchise made a comeback with Dragon Ball Super. The series lasted for more than a hundred episodes, and the fans had expected the series to be wrapped up earlier. However, the series made it past the hundred episode mark. It was a big achievement for the series because Dragon Ball Super was a major hit with the fans and there is a possibility of the show coming back later.

Dragon Ball Super ended with Universe 7 tipping Universe 11 for the victory and ended up winning the Super Dragon Balls. The MVP of the tournament was surprisingly Android 17, and he could make any wish that he wanted to, so he asked for all the Universes to be restored.

When Does Dragon Ball Super Return?

The ending was pretty obvious but, it was great nonetheless. After the ending of the series, there was an announcement that Dragon Ball would be getting a movie. Just recently, it was revealed that Broly would be the main antagonist of the film. It is believed that the movie will tie the next series of Dragon Ball with Dragon Ball Super.

This is just a rumor but, it may or may not be accurate. Just another reminder that the manga for Dragon Ball Super is also running. It’s not a weekly manga but, a monthly manga. So, there is a possibility that the manga would reveal something big along the way, which seems plausible.

So, we have to wait for the movie, and I believe that it will be a good movie. In my opinion, Dragon Ball will return but, we might see it come back with a different name. But, it will return, I’m certain about it. Right now, Dragon Ball Heroes anime is running. If you’re interested in watching something new, then you should give it a whirl.

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