When Dragon Ball Super Will Return


Dragon Ball Super finally ended today. The final episode came out earlier and it was beautiful. Dragon Ball Super episode 131 was a good episode. I’m sure that the majority of the fan base feels the same. There might be some people who would feel that the episode was lacking story wise but I am perfectly fine with the writing.

I was shocked to see Freeza combine with Goku to knock out Jiren. Android 17 was the MVP of the Tournament of Power. He got to the chance to ask for anything and he asked for all the erased universes to be revived once again. I’m disappointed that he didn’t ask for the Cruiser. The last episode of Dragon Ball Super was trending worldwide.

When Dragon Ball Super Will Return

In fact, it was trending on Twitter, which is one of the biggest social media platforms. It’s been three years since Dragon Ball Super started airing. The question on the lips of everyone is, “When is Dragon Ball Super going to return?”.

It is a rather spiffing question. Dragon Ball Super’s return is matter of “when” and not “if”. We already have the confirmed date for the new Dragon Ball Super movie. It is going to be continued story after Super.

The movie is going to focus on the Saiyan race, and it will probably resolve some unsolved mysteries. The movie is going to air on 14th December 2018. The series will most likely return but it is possible that it will come back with a new name.

The trailer for the movie has also been revealed and it is absolutely amazing. It was well received by the fans and there is speculation that we may get even more news regarding the movie.

When Dragon Ball Super Will Return

The upcoming movie will definitely be an important link between Dragon Ball Super and the new series. I’m personally very excited about the series and today’s final episode has set up the groundwork for the movie.


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