Who’s the Best Big Brother in Anime?

Who’s the Best Big Brother in Anime?

Anime has its fair share of great big brothers, but which ones are your favorites? To find out, Anime!Anime! ran a survey by gathering fans’ votes on a selection of 35 characters suggested on Twitter. Where did your beloved big brother place?

10. Kousaka Kyousuke ( Oreimo )
10. Matsuno Osomatsu ( Osomatsu-san )
9. Araragi Koyomi ( Monogatari series)
8. Kirigaya Kirito ( Sword Art Online )
7. Shiba Tatsuya ( The Irregular at Magic High School )
5. Edward Elric ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
5. Uchiha Itachi ( Naruto )
4. Portgas. D. Ace ( One Piece )

As always, there’s plenty of variety, with big brothers hailing from all sorts of different anime! Now, on to the top 3!

3. Kinomoto Touya ( Cardcaptor Sakura )

Toya placed sixth in last year’s survey and has now jumped up to the top three! He may tease his little sister mercilessly, but he loves her really. With new Cardcaptor Sakura anime Clear Card due to start in January, it’s no surprise he’s shot up the charts.

2. Doma Taihei ( Himouto! Umaru-chan )

1. Tachibana Makoto ( Free! )

Who’s the Best Big Brother in Anime?
Who’s the Best Big Brother in Anime?

And the winner is… Tachibana Makoto! Makoto took around 24% of the total votes cast which is around double those cast for Taihei who came second and he did even better with female voters who gave him 35% of the vote which is five times that of their second place choice. With twin little brothers and a little sister Makoto is a caring big brother who gathers huge respect from everyone in the swimming club.

With so so many great big brothers in anime, it’s impossible to fit them into a list of just 10, so let us know if you think someone has been unfairly overlooked!


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