Will The Ancient Saiyans Appear In Dragon Ball Super Movie?


I’m sure almost every one of you will have already watched the Dragon Ball Super movie teaser that we got a month or so ago. An announcement for the movie was made a couple of months ago on Social Media, and on the official website for the movie.

According to sources, the movie is going to be focus on the Saiyans primarily, which made even more sense when we saw the teaser. However, the teaser for the Dragon Ball Super movie raised more questions than answers. First of all, who is the Saiyan fighting against Goku? There are already some theories on this topic, and it seems there are multiple answers to this question. According to some, it might be Broly, which I don’t think is possible.

Will The Ancient Saiyans Appear In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Others believe that it is Bardock, and again I don’t think that’s possible as well. The only theory that appealed to me a little was the one that mentioned that the Saiyan could be Yamoshi. I’m pretty sure you all know who Yamoshi is. According to legends, Yamoshi was the first person to become a Super Saiyan. He, along with his friends, was cornered and ultimately, he turned into a Super Saiyan to fight off the threat. The threat he faced was that of the Saiyans. However, Yamoshi died due to exhaustion. But, his soul didn’t die, and it kept searching for the next pure hearted Saiyan, like himself, and according to the prophecy that Saiyan would be the Super Saiyan God.

Will The Ancient Saiyans Appear In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Since the Upcoming Dragon Ball movie is going to focus on the Saiyans, and possibly their origins, I think it is highly possible that we’ll see Yamoshi in this movie. I don’t know how that’ll happen, or if the Dragon Balls are going to be used, but I think the idea of the entire Saiyan history being explained by him would be amazing. It would turn out to be a movie that everyone will enjoy watching. If Yamoshi appears, we’ll the Ancient Saiyans (him and his friends) one again. On a different note, if the Saiyan who is fighting Goku isn’t Yamoshi, I think we’ll still get some details on him in the movie.

These are just my thoughts on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. I hope you liked the idea. Who do you think the Saiyan fighting against Goku is? Let me know in the comments section below.


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