Top 10 Anime That Will Get New Season In 2018

Winners of 2017 Tokyo Anime Awards Announced

Hey guys. Anime is an integral part of lives, most of us cant live without it. 2017 has been a great year for the anime fans all around the world. We have had a lot of anime that have exceeded the expectations of the fans. In 2017, we finally witnessed the ending of Naruto Shippuden, which was one of the big three. However, it wasn’t long before we got the sequel to Naruto, Boruto, which is another Shonen anime, which is created by Ikemoto who used to be Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant. This post has spoilers for several different anime, so read ahead at your own risk. This year, Black Clover also started airing.

The first few episodes left the fans disappointed. However, the anime has started to pick up the pace. Dragon Ball Super also had its best-ever run with the Tournament of Power arc airing. However, the anime that took the most plaudits this year was My Hero Academia. Ever since the debut of the series, the fans have been left with wanting more. This year we got the second season of the series and it left the fans mesmerized. The season had everything that an anime series could have. In the first season, we saw Nomu and the League of Villains causing a lot of trouble. This season had the exams, in which students showed off their battling abilities.

The results of the exams were quite shocking as most of the fans were expecting the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya to win. But it was shocking to see that it was Young Bakugo who finished in the first place, closely followed in second by Todoroki. I don’t have enough words to describe the anime. The ending was great as well. According to a poll on ign, the fans voted My Hero Academia as the best anime of the year. The runner-up was Attack on Titan, who dropped the second season after a very long time, and the second season was everything that the fans were hoping for.

Both Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia will be getting their third seasons.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it.

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