Detective Conan Manga Will Be On Hiatus For The Next Three Issues


Detective Conan just returned on the 20th issue of Shonen Jump, and it seems the series is going to take another hiatus for now. The all-time one of the best detective anime series out there, if not the best, Detective Conan has been involved in quite a few hiatuses lately, and even though the demand for the manga is high, the hiatuses are what frustrating fans quite a lot.

Detective Conan Manga Will Be On Hiatus For The Next Three Issues
Detective Conan Manga Will Be On Hiatus For The Next Three Issues

Detective Conan has been on extended hiatus since last year, and it just broke its short hiatus and made a return which fans were waiting for, and as of now, the manga series stands at a total of 1011 chapters which is huge milestone achieved by the franchise.

Detective Conan Manga On Hiatus:

News has been circulating on Twitter, and according to a user @kiirobon, Detective Conan Manga Series will be on hiatus again for the next three issues straight, and it is predicted to make its return on June. Now, fans will be without any reading material at least for a month which many of them already knew.

The tweet also says that the officials wants to compensate for this inconvenience, and for that, they will be providing fans with a long arc. So, basically, the next case on the series will be big, and it would take quite a long time to complete it.

Also, recently, a big news regarding Detective Conan Manga series was revealed which hinted that the next arc might be the last arc in the series. Now, fans are wondering whether, or not, this long arc is going to be the wrapping arc of the series. Also, many people are speculating that the long arc is going to be the most important case regarding the main story, and it might throw some shade on the Boss.

Detective Conan is a series that revolves around Shinichi Kudo who was forcefully drugged and shrunk into a child’s body. Using the alias Conan Edogawa, he helps the police solve difficult cases by posing as Kogoro Mouri. The manga is the first WSS series to publish 1,000 chapters and has been running since 1994.

You cannot download Detective Conan – Case Closed Manga but you can read it on Viz Media’s website for free.


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